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Golden e-Commerce Advice From Leading Start-Up Founders

The internet has opened up more opportunities than one could possibly fathom before the inception of this revolutionary means of running your business. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking to make the most of the internet by offering your products or services online, perhaps what you need to start off is a word of advice from people who have been in your shoes and taken steps that led them to enviable success.

Advice no. 1: Identifying the demand

You can’t just take any business online and be sure of its success. An owner of a start-up that took his entire clothing business online explains that he saw how increasing work pressures and lack of time, combined with too many choices, led to a need for a business that offered everything online and allowed customers to browse through just what they need from their homes, offices, restaurants, or any place else they liked. They didn’t even need a computer – a mobile phone was more than enough. Talk about bringing convenience where it is much needed.

Advice no. 2: Knowing your customers

When you walk into a random shop at a random mall, the shopkeeper doesn’t know you or your tastes. Whether it is a movie shop or a clothing one, the shop keeper doesn’t know what you really need. In contrast, the internet allows you to get to know your customers better, identify their buying patterns, and use them to find out exactly what they are looking for. For instance, a customer that usually buys jackets can be sent emails regarding new leather jackets for the winter season to grab their interest. Similarly, once that customer buys one jacket, a small panel that shows what other jacket lovers prefer would help them avoid the trouble and jump directly to the most popular products.

Advice no. 3: Make use of unlimited space

No matter what you offer, there is a limit to the no. of products and services you can offer in one place and the no. of customers you can cater. However, the same cannot be said about the internet where you can bring in one place just about all the things in the world without having to buy them first, as per the owner of business that sells cars online.

Advice no. 4: Use it to learn from your mistakes

Imagine buying a store at a shopping mall, hiring staff, and getting your products ready on the shelves only to find out inadequate demand for your product. The cost of this mistake is large when compared to the fact that if this same set up was online, the cost would be significantly less. This way, internet gives you the ability to validate your idea and learn from your mistakes without taking a fatal hit to your finances.

These pieces of advice illustrate how the internet has built up today’s modern economies and how they hold the potential for them to grow even larger. As a merchant, if you are looking to offer something online, perhaps the best part is not having to raise large amounts of capital. This is one hurdle out of the way already.

If you need a sum to get your business up and ready on the web, you don’t need large business loans or the hassle that follows them. A simple merchant cash advance would work for you. Providers, such as the First American Merchant, have pioneered these cash advances and bring to you these offers at a distance of a simple application. This can be just the way to put your idea into action.