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High Risk Credit Card Processing Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Successfully Getting Through Your Merchant Account Provider’s Underwriting Process

To many traders, the idea of acquiring a merchant account will sound pleasant until they get to the underwriting process. Despite the global acceptance of credit cards as a payment method, retailers are often hesitant to open an account because of the lengthy vetting process that banks and other merchant services providers conduct to determine whether or not to give a business the account. Underwriting is, therefore, a concern for many new business owners. Nonetheless, we’ve highlighted a few tips to help prepare and increase your chances of getting approved. What the process entails When applying for a merchant account, […]

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Getting A Business Loan From An Alternative Online Lender

Getting business funding requires some planning. It is important to gather the required information and documents ahead of time. This will help you go through the whole process easily. Alternative online lenders are a great option to apply for business funding. They offer fast approval and ease of application process, and are increasingly becoming more and more popular. Generally, you’ll be required to provide only 3 or 4 documents. The whole process will take minutes instead of days, and you’ll be able to get your funding in some 24 hours. It’s critical to turn to a reputable business loan provider […]

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Staying In Business Is Not Easy But a Merchant Account Can Help

It is not easy to make it as an entrepreneur. It was even more difficult to start a business 20 years ago. Modern technology has made it easier to start, however, staying in business is still tough. Technology and Pace Today, the pace is quicker than 20 years ago. Social media has made everything easier and, simultaneously, more difficult. It is all about attitude and hard work, sacrifice and willing to pay the price. Don’t be afraid to fail; if you haven’t failed, you haven’t lived. Technology is developing with rapid advances. You start competing on a global scale and […]

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My Merchant Account Was Declined Because I’m a High Risk Business

So, you have no merchant account. Maybe you didn’t start out with one, or maybe you were dropped from your old merchant account provider. There are many reasons why you do not have a current merchant account, but the fact is that you need one. Regardless of your business type, you need the ability to process credit cards. There are many options available for those who have a mainstream business. From bank programs to a plethora of merchant account providers, these merchants typically do not have a problem finding a merchant account. But, what if you are in the “high […]

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Exclusive High Risk Merchant Account From First American Merchant

Merchants looking for a reliable high risk payment processor should consider signing up for FAM’s high risk credit card processing services right today. First American Merchant will help you start accepting payments as early as tomorrow. Being High Risk Is Not the End of the World As a high risk merchant, you know that traditional banks and most lenders will refuse to approve you for payment processing. “High risk” label is not a problem for First American Merchant. The application will take just a few minutes. As soon as the application process is over, FAM’s team will get to work […]

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SWIFT Sees Record Payments Volume Post-Brexit

According to Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, Britain will stand the pressure from the European Union (EU) for a Swift start to initiate its withdrawal from the bloc it has mentioned about. According to new data released by Swift, it has experienced some strong traffic these days. New data released shows that at the end of June Swift saw a surge in traffic for Brexit-related securities and treasury traffic. Swift report shows that on June 28 there were 28.305.037 million messages sent over its network. On June 30, there were 30.392.943 sent over its network, which is a growth of 7.4% […]

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$2B Public-Private Cybersecurity Investment Requested By EU

The European Union (EU) wants to cooperate with private companies to provide funding for cybersecurity research. Computerworld reports the EU has already provided €450 million or $500 million for cybersecurity investment and requested the industry to bring the total amount up to $2 billion. A recent report has recently been released by the EU’s executive body, the European Commission, that cyberattacks are likely to undermine the digital market, economic and social life as a whole. The cybersecurity public-private partnership (cPPP) aims to facilitate the global research into cybersecurity and help build security products and services for industries such as energy, […]

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POS Reports That Will Save Your Business

Are you ready to take your company to the next level? Before you sign with any POS provider, do some merchant account comparisons to see what types of reports POS providers offer.  From loyalty rewards reports to online sales reports, this data helps merchants learn and exploit customer information and patterns that will increase customer loyalty and boost profits. The following are 5 top POS reports that every merchant should consider for their businesses. Online Sales Report(s) If your business is a brick and mortar establishment and has a website, you need to consider a cloud POS. The online sales […]

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How Buy Buttons Will Boost Your Business

So you’ve made your website and are ready to sell some merchandise. In this article, you’ll learn how to sell products using embeddable shopping carts via Buy Buttons. Buy Buttons are an efficient way to let customers make purchases on multiple platforms. Embeddable shopping carts, will help you monetize any websites or social media sites you build. Buy Buttons enable businesses to monetize any website with quick access to your merchandise. You can integrate buttons into your websites using HTML, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. HTML Buttons HTML buttons allow customers to quickly browse through your products. Buy Buttons are embedded […]

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Green Businesses Bring Big Bucks, and a Headache

Green businesses are huge these days. From organic foods to organic cleaning services, to even renewable energy, green businesses are some of the most profitable new businesses in the US market. While profitable and popular, many in the processing industry have issues with these businesses. This is for many reasons, ranging from the industry’s “newness” to its fad-like popularity. Because of this, many green merchants have a hard time obtaining things that they need, such as a business credit card and a merchant account. Like most things in life, if you look hard enough and are smart enough, you can […]

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