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How Buy Buttons Will Boost Your Business

So you’ve made your website and are ready to sell some merchandise. In this article, you’ll learn how to sell products using embeddable shopping carts via Buy Buttons. Buy Buttons are an efficient way to let customers make purchases on multiple platforms. Embeddable shopping carts, will help you monetize any websites or social media sites you build. Buy Buttons enable businesses to monetize any website with quick access to your merchandise. You can integrate buttons into your websites using HTML, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

HTML Buttons

HTML buttons allow customers to quickly browse through your products. Buy Buttons are embedded on blogs or websites using HTML. Ecwid is a service that embeds HTML for websites. Plus it offers free plans for embeddable shopping carts. However, the plan is limited to 10 products but you can upgrade to a paid plan for a bigger cart.

Facebook Buttons

You can link buy buttons to Facebook and sell directly from Facebook without having to go to the company website. Facebook is the next step in embeddable shopping carts. Buy Buttons are a great way to give consumers a way to browse your store and buy your products in one place.

Pinterest Buttons

Owners can use Buyable Pins on Pinterest to purchase items directly from your Pinterest page. In addition to the “Pin It” box, your products will be paired by a blue box that says “Buy It.” Adding a Pinterest button works well for companies that sell physical products to consumers who are visually driven.

Twitter Buttons

Twitter offers a shopping cart at a slightly higher pricing plan. Twitter’s Buy Now feature is available through Stripe, BigCommerce, and Shopify. Check the eligibility requirements for each provider before signing up.

Embeddable shopping carts are the next phase in online retail. Companies that want to reap the rewards of online commerce will integrate technologies like this with multiple payment options for their customers. First American Merchant is a high risk credit card processor that offers additional fast and convenient payment methods for your online shoppers. Contact us now to start your application for convenient and profitable payment processing services.