According to Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, Britain will stand the pressure from the European Union (EU) for a Swift start to initiate its withdrawal from the bloc it has mentioned about.

According to new data released by Swift, it has experienced some strong traffic these days. New data released shows that at the end of June Swift saw a surge in traffic for Brexit-related securities and treasury traffic.

Swift report shows that on June 28 there were 28.305.037 million messages sent over its network. On June 30, there were 30.392.943 sent over its network, which is a growth of 7.4% between 2 of its days.

This was the greatest increase ever registered between 2 peak days. Swift recorded payments traffic, with 14.9 million messages and 13.8 million messages for traffic related to securities. This was the top point with regard to all 3 regions.

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This peak for Swift is much larger than the 20 million-message threshold at the end of June 2012 and brings the monthly FIN traffic growth rate to 8.6% and the YTD FIN traffic growth to 5.7%.

Swift applies special monitoring measures to use the systems and traffic volumes during the period. The performance during the period shows the company’s ability to establish requirements and evidenced resilience of our systems, design, and implementation.

Swift aims to ensure the objective of ensuring systems work securely and reliably every day and night, as agreed by Swift’s board. Making ongoing investments in the systems and processes to ensure the company can continue to apply future capacity and security requirements, as Marcel Bronmans, Swift’s COO confirms.

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