Are you ready to take your company to the next level? Before you sign with any POS provider, do some merchant account comparisons to see what types of reports POS providers offer.  From loyalty rewards reports to online sales reports, this data helps merchants learn and exploit customer information and patterns that will increase customer loyalty and boost profits. The following are 5 top POS reports that every merchant should consider for their businesses.

Online Sales Report(s)

If your business is a brick and mortar establishment and has a website, you need to consider a cloud POS. The online sales report tracks both offline and online sales in an integrated fashion. This is extremely helpful to managers who want to see all of your sales information in one place. For example, managers will be able to see which items are selling the best in-store and online.

Sales by Product Variant Report

This report is valuable for businesses that sell variations of the same product – for example, a pair of shoes that come in different sizes and colors. The sales by product variant report provides a deep insight of your sales. As result, you can discover your best and worst selling colors and sizes and make changes.

Loyalty Rewards Report

Loyalty programs help build brand loyalty through exclusive offers. If your POS system utilizes loyalty rewards software, you can track customer behaviors and create offers specifically for you. Managers can also measure the success of loyalty programs and make changes when necessary.

Delivery and Catering Report

If you own a food-based business, this type of report tracks any pending orders and their delivery status. The report can also analyze past order data, so managers can see what foods and services are doing well, and which are not.

Discount Report

This report shows which discounts are affecting your business. Attain a POS with a programmable discount functionality and numerous price books. This information will help you provide discounts that will make a positive impact on sales and track their effectiveness. This also eliminates the need to manually input price reductions.

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