It is not easy to make it as an entrepreneur. It was even more difficult to start a business 20 years ago. Modern technology has made it easier to start, however, staying in business is still tough.

Technology and Pace

Today, the pace is quicker than 20 years ago. Social media has made everything easier and, simultaneously, more difficult. It is all about attitude and hard work, sacrifice and willing to pay the price. Don’t be afraid to fail; if you haven’t failed, you haven’t lived.

Technology is developing with rapid advances. You start competing on a global scale and instantly get your competitors’ response to your new ideas. So find the most relevant niche and then keep it under control.

This is the era for the family business, portfolio worker, and the lifestyle entrepreneur. Don’t be afraid to stay small. Choose a convenient business funding option to help your startup grow. Turn to a reliable payment processor like and get a cash advance to start. First American Merchant (FAM) is a reputable processor that offers a low-cost high risk merchant account to merchants of any type and size.

Business Model, Strategy, and Selling

New organizational structures are being applied in our modern times. Startups are more fluid and focused on communities. Increasingly, a transformative purpose plays a major role. Business models are now cleaner because a lot more is being measured and we are focused on metrics. All principles of business planning are still being used.

To be thorough, you still need to glean information, which is easier to do these days. Focus on defining the parameters you operate in. Consider movement rather than planning. Set targets and just keep moving. Don’t fail to keep the vision in mind and focus on quantifying the vision.

When it comes to selling, everything is the same. Culture plays an important role, but organization design is even more critical. Focus on getting the best out of your people.

Getting a business off the ground and running it has become more fluid. Take your time to plan, prepare and think things through as these are now more important than ever.

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