As a businessperson looking to set up a card payment service, you might view your account provider as only a vendor that provides business solutions and charges a fee. But these companies are more than just payment processors. Both the merchant and the provider shake hands with the same goal in mind: to realize more credit card purchases.

For the payment service company to be successful, the merchant has to be successful. This shared focus means that both sides have to work together. A merchant account relationship is, therefore, built on more than just a signed document. It is a partnership like any other, between parties with a mutual vision.

Below is a breakdown of how a merchant services provider can be a trusted business partner.

  1. Business enabler

A merchant account gives a trader the capability to accept credit card payments. By giving customers the flexibility to pay for goods and services with different methods, a business attracts more buyers and completes more transactions.

An increase in sales benefits both you and your account provider. Processing more payment will earn you more income, and the provider will gain additional revenue from transaction fees. Your provider will, therefore, offer the necessary tools and resources to help you grow your business and retain more customers.

  1. Keeps you up to date with new technology

As a business owner, you may not have time to keep tabs with the trends in payment processing because you’re busy with other aspects of your company.

A merchant service provider takes up the responsibility of keeping your business updated with the latest payment technology, as well as introducing you to the upgrades your business needs.

3: Reliable adviser

The main reason for opening a merchant account is to process card payments, but having the account provider as a partner will get you a trusted source of information on even other business matters.

If you want to expand your operation, for example, the right provider could offer valuable advice regarding things like where to set up a new location, or the marketing strategy to employ.

Service companies like First American Merchant will even give you funding in the form of cash advances, along with some pointers on how you can use the money to fulfill your objectives.


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