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Countertop ATM Machine Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Have You Thought About Owning An ATM?

It is possible to own your own ATM; it works very similar to a payment terminal but doesn’t actually hold any cash. The terminal gives out receipts, which are useable only in your place of business. You set limits on the amount of money withdrawn and if payment is less than the amount on the slip then you are obliged to give the customer the change. You set the limit to what you think your average customer can afford, this has to be in multiples of $10 dollars with the average set around the $20 dollar mark, some businesses go […]

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Understanding the Counter ATM Machine & How it Benefits Your Business

If your business hasn’t embraced the new technology and is lagging behind in accepting debit and credit cards from your customers, because you can’t justify the costs involved, then you might be interested in what a counter top ATM could do for you and your business. It is a small device, similar in size to a normal card payment terminal but with a slight difference. It is in fact an ATM, your customers process their card like they would in any cash machine and instead of money coming out of the ATM they are given a ‘Scrip’; this is a […]

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