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How a Countertop ATM Machine Equals Growth for Your Retail Business

Countertop ATM MachineMerchants across the country are looking for ways to save money while making money in this slow economy. Setting up a countertop ATM machine can help increase sales to accept more than cash only. Many consumers don’t carry around cash these days and driving to the bank leads to slower turnover rate. Merchants can charge $2, $3, $4 or more per transaction. Buying, leasing, or even inquiring about a free ATM program could increase your sales opportunity.

A new and profitable way of processing bankcard payments is by cashless ATMs, also known as Point of Banking terminals. Cashless electronic transactions are here to stay because of convenience. Providing convenient payment options for your customers enable them to buy more which increases sales averages per customer. The customer runs their own transaction like an ATM and receives a receipt for the approved transaction. They give the scrip receipt to the register to make their purchase and get any remaining balance back in cash. The main take away that this program provides is giving merchants the ability to have the consumer pay for the cost of the bankcard transaction through a convenience fee. This will save merchants hundreds or thousands of dollars each month in bankcard processing fees that merchants have to pay to accept credit cards and debit cards.

Point of Banking machines use PIN-based debit cards for convenience and security. It is a statistical industry fact that PIN-based debit cards are now used more than credit cards and has exceeded POS credit card payments.  Using the cashless ATM is fast and easy. Just simply connect the system to a power outlet and land line and start accepting bankcards for your business.

Countertop ATM machines and cashless ATM both have a convenience fee that the customers pay so the merchant doesn’t have to pay any processing fees. Merchants can set a low surcharge on their machines (50-99 cents) so their customers won’t complain about paying a convenience fee for the transaction and both the merchant and consumer can be happy!

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