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Counter Top ATMs And It’s Many Benefits

There’s been an ongoing silent shift from the costly credit/debit card transactions to use of ATMs. Savvy businesses have realized that cutting costs is a part of proper financial management.

As a micro-business owner, you should now admit that statistically the improved sales you enjoy form taking credit card payments outweighs the costs linked to merchant services. First American Merchant not only offers your business a low-cost countertop ATM but will also guide you through the entire installation process.

Having worked with many ATM vendors and service companies, FAM can get you both countertop and script ATMs whether you want to purchase one, lease or join free ATM programs.

What Happens you Buy an ATM Machine?

First, you don’t want a vendor that drops you as soon as they’ve shipped the machine to your store. Setting up the system is simple but may be a panicky experience for a newbie. You need to know precisely what it means to own that ATM. That’s why your preferred provider should provide some form of training and help on full ATM ownership to ensure profitable use of the gadget.

Here are some basics things you should learn about ATMs.

You’ll Use Your Money to Fill the ATM

But how much cash do you need to fill in a new ATM? Most times you won’t need as much cash as you’ve always thought. And if you’re wondering how you’ll get back your funds after it has been withdrawn from the machines; remember that all funds withdrawn from the ATM are re-deposited into the owner’s bank account in 48 hours. So you’ll only need to put in enough money to keep your ATM full for 2 to 3 days. Eventually, you’ll withdraw these funds and begin the process once again.

You enjoy the Whole Surcharge Amount

Yes, you pocket the entire surcharge and pay no cent for the processing transactions. Your provider should ensure the system is set to charge no processing free. So, let’s say if you place your surcharge at $2.00 and process 400 transactions per month, you’re entitled to $800 of surcharge revenue.

Go for Solutions with Real-Time Transaction Statistics

Your ATM should come allow for real-time monitoring of your transaction stats online. This system helps you view transaction stats as they happen.

Other Related Expenses

As you sign papers to buy an ATM, keep in mind you’ll incur miscellaneous expenses. You’ll obviously have to spend on receipt papers and pay repair fees for miscellaneous parts that wear out over the years. Luckily, some vendors stay in touch with clients supplying them with receipt papers repair services when they’re in need.


These are the basics of ATM ownership. But always take time to inquire about what your provider has in store for you.