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Best Lending Game to Play: ACH eCheck Services

What’s the best funding option for a small to mid-sized business when getting through rough patches? How can you, as a merchant, get easily approved for some extra capital for your company after being rejected by traditional financial institutions? The answers are in the lines below!

Modern Lending Game: ACH eCheck Services

As you know, bigger lenders or banks like Wells Fargo and Bank of America aren’t willing to finance small businesses. Instead, they prefer to work with large organizations with a proven track record of financial operations.

That’s where alternative online lenders and processors step into play with their less stringent requirements. Alternative business funding providers give merchants an opportunity to get easy and simple access to the necessary working capital. Only, you should take the time to find a true lending professional in your field so to be sure you’re getting the best deal for your company.

With a respectable alternative online lender like, you can enjoy the most secure and cheapest merchant services, including ACH eCheck services in the industry. First American Merchant is a BBB-accredited financing provider and an award-winning high risk payment processor that’s ready to work both with bad and no credit merchants.

Better Business Funding Options from Smaller Lenders
The modern advances in the field of technology have entirely revolutionized almost any industry. The payments space knows this best of all. The way people send and receive money today was beyond imagination in the past.

Automation and artificial intelligence are bringing an immense impact on the payments ecosystem. The more smaller lenders and processors learn to leverage these solutions, the better. Modern technology can help smaller funding providers and processors not only grow but also get the power to compete with the giants in the field. As a result, they’ll empower merchants to reach their business goals more easily and successfully.

ACH (Automated Clearing House) electronic check services are advanced payment processing solutions that can be of great help to merchants. They feature a simple and easy way for merchants and consumers to step into the eCommerce world. What about the difference between ACH payments and eCheck processing?

Well, ACH payments and eChecks don’t have fundamental differences: both of them make payments or deposits through money transfers from one bank account into another. With eChecks, funds are electronically withdrawn from the account of the person who’s making the payment and sent through the ACH network to the payee’s bank. Then, the funds get electronically deposited into the payee’s account.

The thing that eChecks and ACH payments are electronic makes them an excellent choice for those who need much quicker payment processing as compared to traditional paper checks or even credit cards. ACH eCheck payment processing is the most secure and cost-effective means to pay an entity, as well as to pay for goods/services through direct transfer of funds from one’s bank account.

As you see, gone are the days when traditional banks were the only option to go for. Today, alternative online lenders have opened up new doors both for merchant and consumers to help them reach their financial goals more easily and efficiently.