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Merchant Cash Advance Solutions – ISO Referral Program for Agents

We understand how difficult it is to be a cash advance agent trying to link a merchant in need of backing to a financing company. Yes, you may be good at the sales part of your job, winning over every business owner you approach, but how many of your deals do you close and earn a fair commission from?

Well, if you have the inherent ability to spot companies that are struggling to get financial assistance, business that no lender wishes to help again, then we are looking for you. First American Merchant is a dedicated online funding firm that has a wide range of commercial backing products for to offer micro- to medium businesses.

Having worked as an agent before and learned a lot about funding, you might be asking yourself:

  • How can one earn commissions if the business in question is in a poor financial state? Or…
  • How is it possible to enjoy commissions from accounts that are almost falling apart because of massive debt?

The Independent Sales Organization Merchant Cash Advance program was established with two primary missions:

  1. Keep financially suffering companies in business by offering a wide range of customized products
  2. Pay high commissions to the referral agent for being the bridge between FAM and the businessperson.

So while other money institutions have only a few MCA products—that also come with rigid terms— which limit the range of offers a referral agent can present to potential clients, First American Merchant is all-inclusive and very flexible. Plus, we are connected to several banks as well as PSPs which is an advantage to our referral agents

The only problem is that we can’t reach out to every entrepreneur. That’s why we launched an ISO agent referral program. In short; you spot a business that’s suffering, you market our MCA products, and if the owner is interested, you forward the deal to us for review and closing, and earn commissions plus some bonuses. We pay our agents up to 9% commission of the money advanced to the client.


For an agent, the goal is to complete every deal they start. For us, the aim is to help merchants get back on their feet. And no other program offers a win-win opportunity like FAM’s ISO MCA referral program.