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8 Unusual Ways You Can Make Some Quick Cash

Many of us have experienced month(s) where we’ve wondered where the cash is going to come from to pay for rent or put gas in the car. In the event that all available funds and traditional sources of credit have dried up, consider the following eight unusual ways to raise some extra cash: Babysitting – While there are many part-time jobs available, you might be surprised to hear that babysitting is a very lucrative option – and in high demand. Babysitting jobs earn upwards of $15 an hour nowadays. So the next time someone you know needs a babysitter on […]

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Why ISO Agents Choose FAM

The state of employment in America has changed. Now a life of freelance can give birth to a fruitful career in a variety of industries. One such industry is payment processing. New technologies have enabled individuals and small companies to find full time employment with organizations like First American Merchant (FAM). Our ISO agent program provides extensive training and support for newcomers seeking job security and the opportunity to make a great salary. FAM ISO Program The FAM program provides agents with the expertise and tools necessary to succeed as an ISO agent. FAM has a full knowledgebase that includes […]

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How to Become a Registered ISO

Do you want to become a registered ISO? A registered ISO is an independent company that can have sub-agents. To become a registered ISO, a person or business must find a sponsoring processor, or larger ISO to sell for. They must also register with MasterCard and Visa. This process can be expensive and time consuming, but allows the ISO to provide lower rates for credit card processing. They also have more control over prices, advantageous buy rates to resell credit card processing services, residual payment options, and the ability to create independent brands which can lead to tons of profit. […]

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How a Good ISO Merchant Service Can Help Your Business Boom

A merchant service can help you not only house your funds, but also obtain other options, like a cash advance. While many choose the merchant service with the lowest percentage, or fanciest terminal, you need to make sure that you look at the full package before signing on the dotted line. The wrong choice cannot only leave you unhappy, but it may cost you customers. If you are unhappy, you need to look around for ISO merchant services. The best available to US merchants is 1st American Merchant (FAM). Unlike other providers who have a “you get what you pay […]

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ISOs Who Help Merchants Choose Funding See High Returns

Before ISOs and lenders give any funds to merchants, they should consider whether or not the business in question should obtain a small business loan or a merchant cash advance (MCA). Answering this question correctly and proper management afterwards, could be the key to sustaining merchant accounts or losing them to another ISO or to bankruptcy. Credit and cash flow are two variables that ISO managers can use to help them decide which type of loan will be most successful for their merchants. In general, merchants with less than average credit are candidates for MCAs (small, quick short term loans […]

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Why ISOs Should Cash In on Merchant Cash Advance Loans

A lot has been said over the last five years about the booming merchant cash advance loan (MCA) industry. Proponents of MCAs say that they are providing a service that traditional lenders have abandoned – lending small businesses small loans which could be the difference between survival and foreclosure. But critics claim that most MCAs exist only to exploit the desperation of many business owners, and to trap them into loans with astronomical interest rates and fees. Still the industry is growing, and as the economy regains its footing, ISOs who expand into the MCA business have discovered a fantastic […]

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Merchant Cash Advance Agent Program

Are you interested in becoming involved in the merchant services industry? Recently, the merchant cash advance industry has seen rapid growth. Over the past few years, venture capitalists and hedge funds have invested tens of millions of dollars into the industry’s firms and startups. As the industry grows, the need and opportunity for agents has also increased. The advantages of becoming a cash advance agent are numerous. When enrolling in 1st American Merchant Funding Agent Program, even more options arise. With 1st American Merchant Funding, an agent can gain access to the industry’s largest network of ISO’s, PSP’s and banks. […]

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