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Merchant Cash Advance Agent Program

Agents1Are you interested in becoming involved in the merchant services industry? Recently, the merchant cash advance industry has seen rapid growth. Over the past few years, venture capitalists and hedge funds have invested tens of millions of dollars into the industry’s firms and startups. As the industry grows, the need and opportunity for agents has also increased.

The advantages of becoming a cash advance agent are numerous. When enrolling in 1st American Merchant Funding Agent Program, even more options arise. With 1st American Merchant Funding, an agent can gain access to the industry’s largest network of ISO’s, PSP’s and banks.

The enrollment process is simple. You begin by completing and submitting one agent agreement form. You also deal with one agent support representative. In return, when you finish the process and become an agent, you will have access to a large number of processors and banks. The clear advantage is the variety you and your clients receive in funding solutions.

In addition to the simplicity and options, you can expect the highest commissions and residuals with 1st American Merchant Funding compared to others in the industry. Thanks to the flexible pricing programs and buy rate options, as an agent, you are able to make what you want on an account.

According to, other cash advance agent benefits include:

–          Merchant cash advance, ACH/Bank Only and SMB loans

–          In house funding an underwriting

–          High risk merchants acceptance

Are you determined to offer your merchants a confident and secure relationship? 1st American Merchant guarantees a worry free experience. In addition, high risk merchants are welcomed with 1st American Merchant and offer payment processing services to the majority of high risk applicants. Take advantage of the growing merchant cash advance industry by becoming an agent.

With 1st American Merchant, the simplicity, variety in funding solutions and high commissions are unmatched.

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