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Boost Sales With a Merchant Cash Advance ISO Program

Merchant cash advances are popular, short-term funding options that are perfect for small businesses and high-risk merchants. However, since some merchant cash advances are fairly new type of financing to some merchants, they are cautious about applying for this type of funding online. They don’t know much about merchant cash advances or how they work.

Then, there are those clients that you do manage to get on board with merchant cash advances only to find the financial provider declines their applications. Needless to say, if you are going at these sales alone, it’s challenging.

Due to the nuances that come with this type of borrowing, it’s not surprising that independent sales agents that meet face-to-face with clients close more deals. This is why First American Merchant (FAM), a full-service business funding solution provider and high-risk merchant specialist, created its Merchant Cash Advance ISO program. FAM understands that independent sales agents are crucial to explaining cash solutions, such as merchant cash advances, which are lump-sum payments that are given in exchange for flat percentage of a business’ future credit card sales.

FAM’s Client Base

First American Merchant offers merchant cash advances to small, less-established businesses, startups, merchants with poor credit, and high-risk businesses. The goal at FAM is to make business funding accessible to everyone. When you sign up the Merchant Cash Advance ISO program, you get the ability to do the same.

The Advantages of Becoming a Merchant Cash Advance ISO

In addition to providing full agent education through online tutorials and a comprehensive video library, First American Merchant pays independent sales agents competitive commissions, as well as residuals on payment processing services. Also, you can count on its experienced, knowledgeable team members for prompt, reliable phone, email, and chat support, and you can trace your commissions and residuals from a single portal. With this approach, there is no more guessing about payment amounts and when you will receive them.

Working with an independent sales organization program, you not only get the opportunity to resent a credible deal to clients, but you can offer your customers payment processing from leading providers.

Finally, since independent sales agents are not employed by any particular, you are able to build a sales portfolio that consists of multiple products and services, which can be upsold and cross-sold within your sector. It provides you with flexibility and unlimited earning potential.

Ready to Join FAM’s Merchant Cash Advance ISO Program?

If you are tired of declines and are ready to begin making every call a merchant cash advance sale, then it’s time to become an independent sales agent. Find every customer the right deal by becoming a member of FAM’s Merchant Cash Advance ISO program.

If you are a competent hard worker that puts in the time with clients, you will on your path to success. To become an independent sales agent for FAM, complete the quick and simple online form.