Undertaking the process of collecting debts can be intimidating to newcomers and startups. If you lack a thorough credit history, traditional banks and many credit processing providers will shy away from you. Moreover, the application process for merchant accounts will be a real challenge for those with inconsistent revenue streams.

Collection Agency Merchant Account from FAM    

If you are a collection agency merchant looking for a reliable and low-cost merchant account, consider turning to First American Merchant. FAM is a reputable provider of merchant accounts for the collection agency industry that offers a reliable collection agency merchant account to customers.

Firstamericanmerchant.com has helped thousands of large and small collection agencies get the payment processing solutions they need to grow and expand their business. FAM offers:

  • Experienced Staff
  • Proven Platform
  • Proven Support
  • Speedy Signup
  • Real Results

Get the Best for Your Collection Agency

Debt collection agents and agencies are classified high risk, because the debt collection industry features an unstable nature. At firstamericanmerchant.com, you can get your collection agency merchant account open right for your specific business needs. First American Merchant can even provide a merchant account if you deal with charged-off debt.

Since debt collection agencies are involved with getting their clients’ payments, not having credit processing capability can stop an agency before it even gets started. FAM’s team is experienced at finding merchant accounts that are friendly to debt collection agencies. First American Merchant does not require extensive credit history, and can get your account established in as little as 48 hours.

FAM uses its combined experience of one the industry leaders and its extensive and diverse portfolio of merchants. First American Merchant has learned the specifics of each business type it works with.

FAM takes time with all of its customers, one-on-one, to help them complete their application process and listen to the difficulties customers have had with other providers. Armed with this information, First American Merchant supports its large network of agents and staff, and enhances its strategic partnerships to deliver one of the best pricing and merchant experience in the industry.

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