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Having Issues Closing Cash Advance Deals?

Are you the agent or broker in search of an online financial company that will turn your cash advance deal declines into dollars? Well, not every firm you choose to work for will adequately reward your efforts. In fact, some of them will reject almost every offer you present after you have hassle hard enough to convince a merchant to come your way.

But First American Merchant is here to close every worthwhile deal you work for you. FAM is a popular online commercial finance provider that utilizes agents to reach out to all high-risk merchants looking for cash advance solutions.

Though merchants can directly contact us for funding, we realize that brokers—through our merchant cash advance ISO program— are responsible for most of our merchant cash advance sales.

Because we understand how difficult convincing a client can be given the competitive nature of the funding industry, we intend to “make work easier” for you. It’s no wonder we offer our the best commissions (including bonuses) and the fairest playing field.

The fact that we work with all kinds of business not considering the factors other financial providers use as reasons to turn down an agent’s proposal is plus for a broker. In a nutshell, we’ve simplified the two important things involved; completion the deal (for the agent) and acquisition of the cash advance (for the business owner).

We have the best commissions; you can earn up to 9 percent of the money advanced, and on top, you get residuals on payment processing services. The cash advance agent iso program is the right fit for the money-minded agent. Unlike loans that may take fortnights or even months, you can know your fate within a day or two. What’s more, our company exposes agents to a broad network of banks and Payment Service Providers.

So if you have what it takes, you can Join FAM today and start in on making money. Our application and acceptance process is quick and effortless. We are currently accepting new agents to join our Independent Sales Organization team. Contact us to get more information on how you can benefit from MCAs and commercial funding.