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Turn Cash Advance Declines Into Dollars

Are you an ISO agent in search of a financial institution that will turn cash advance deal declines into dollars? Well, First American Merchant is a popular online funding provider that works with all types of businesses regardless of type and may have your solution, to help close those hard to fund deals.

Though merchants can directly come to us for funding, most MCA sales are the efforts of ISO agents who visit potential clients and link the bridge.

The Problem

Most times cash advance deals get turned down because the agent is dealing with a lender who is less flexible, is not well-linked with sponsor banks and lacks the resources to ease your work. And even if they accept your merchant, you don’t earn as much as you deserve for the effort and long hours you put into getting a deal closed.

The remedy

That’s why FAM’s merchant cash advance brokers iso program has brought a better playing field for agents. It is a perfect example of a win-win deal that will benefit agents, business owners and the financing company.

What’s more, we offer convenient funding solutions for all kinds of companies to increase the broker’s chances of convincing a merchant into a worthwhile proposal. Some financial institutions have only a few MCA products—with rigid terms— which limit the range of offers an agent can present to his clients.

Plus, you need to ask yourself what’s in it for you. At FAM we pay our agents very well. On top of the competitive percentage break you get for striking the deal, you enjoy the benefits of a close knit company, with 24/7 support.

So to avoid hassling hard to turn your merchant cash advance deals into dollars, it’s important that agents make inquiries on what the market has and what can work for them.

Wrapping Up

As an agent, not all Merchant cash advance programs are worth joining. You need to work with a financial provider that cares about you, has a connection with several banks and all the resources you need to make work easier. So why go for solutions that will give birth to other problems when there are better offers in the market?