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Need More Cash Advance Deals Approved?

To enjoy the best merchant cash advance (MCA) ISO agent program, don’t look further. is a reputable business funding provider and payment processor that serves both traditional and high risk merchants.

ISO Cash Advance

FAM offers agents exceptional options for business funding solutions. First American Merchant can help get more cash advance deals approved. While small business loans take weeks if not months, merchant cash advances for ISOs take just a few days.

An ISO (Independent Sales Organization) is a body that establishes its own guidelines and more often provides much more responsive customer service platform. An ISO purchases a number of transactions from the large processor for a low cost and then resells them to their customers.

W-2 salespeople for the processing giant must follow strict guidelines regarding prices and promotions, but the ISO can act the way it wants. Merchants can greatly benefit from this. Merchants processing through ISOs can also get an MCA via their sales representative.

If you’re interested in an ISO cash advance, don’t hesitate to turn to First American Merchant. FAM is an award-winning alternative online lender that boasts an A+ rating with the BBB and specializes in the high risk sector. offers the best business funding opportunities and the lowest possible rates in the industry.

ISO Cash Advance from First American Merchant

An ISO merchant cash advance has important benefits that you can use to your advantage. The payments are just a percentage of your daily sales. So, when you experience high sales, e.g. due to the time of year, you’ll be required to pay back less. When you have a slow month, you’ll be required to pay back more. has business funding solutions for every business and credit type. Tax liens, judgements, no merchant account, low processing volume, high transaction amounts, and extremely damaged credit aren’t a problem for FAM.

With First American Merchant, you can earn up to 9% of the funded amount and earn residuals on credit card processing services. FAM has dozens of banks and PSP’s (payment service providers) in its network. Independent sales agents can get the highest commissions in the industry if they work with FAM. First American Merchant welcomes even those agents who were declined by other organizations. is looking for new agents to join its team. Just call 1-800-210-5649 and find out how you can maximize your earnings from merchant cash advances and business funding. Contact FAM to take advantage of the flexible payback of an ISO merchant cash advance.