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Having Problems Closing Cash Advance Deals Because of Declines?

Merchant cash advance (MCA), a highly popular alternative to traditional business funding, is a form of online lending. Much of the selling of MCAs happens offline by brokers who call and visit clients. Merchant cash advance lenders aren’t the only ones who choose to work with brokers to connect with customers. Financing companies offering short-term small-business loans rely on the same independent broker networks as well.

Merchant Cash Advance

There’s a popular belief that a merchant cash advance is a short-term loan or a high-interest advance. In fact, it’s not true: an MCA is simply a sale or a purchase of your future sales at a discount. Interestingly, entrepreneurs who get MCAs usually turn to a salesperson who walks through their doors.

Merchant cash advance brokers sometimes have problems closing cash advance deals because of high-interest rates and repayment schedules., a reputable business funding provider and payment processor, offers you a convenient and effective means of financing. You just need to contact FAM and take advantage the flexible payback of an ISO (Independent Sales Organization) MCA.

An ISO merchant cash advance payment is just a percentage of your daily sales. If you experience a dip in sales, you’ll be required to pay back less. When you have a high season, you’ll be required to pay back more. Payback with First American Merchant is easy and hassle-free.

Merchant Cash Advance ISO Program from First American Merchant

Merchant Cash Advance ISO offered by First American Merchant, an award-winning alternative online lender and processor that boasts an A+ rating with the BBB, is a perfect option to choose. With FAM, independent sales agents can obtain the highest commissions in the industry. With up to 9% of the funded amount, you can earn residuals on credit card processing services.

Seeking out FAM from outside agents, many brokers have been able to receive a better compensation plan, higher residuals, free terminal programs, and a high-risk program.

To avoid struggling to close cash advance deals because of declines, consider working with With FAM, you can:

  • Offer your clients credit card processing from alltop providers
  • Track all residuals and commissions from one portal
  • Earn $1000 upfront per account, plus residuals and bonuses
  • Enjoy online training tools and paperless application with e-signatures

First American Merchant is the ideal option both for high risk and bad credit businesses. Thanks to FAM, you can find the right deal for your customers, thus meeting their specific financial needs. To get started in FAM’s agent partner program, you just need to fill out a form or call 1-800-210-5649.