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Turn Lost Cash Advance Leads into Working Capital

Did you know that entrepreneurs prefer securing a merchant cash advance (MCA) from a helpful salesperson than applying over the Internet? By the way, an MCA isn’t a loan or a high-interest advance: it’s just a sale. It provides businesses with a lump-sum payment in exchange for an agreed-upon percentage of their future credit and debit card sales.

An MCA has turned into a highly popular type of business funding in recent years., a reputable business funding provider and payment processor that serves both traditional and high risk businesses, offers its popular First American Cash Advance to merchants of any type and size. You and FAM get involved in the agreement over the amount of your sale along with what discounted cost.

First American Merchant is rated A+ by the BBB and offers alternative lending options with exceptional terms. Independent sales agents are key for FAM. If you’re an ISO (Independent Sales Organization) in need of a merchant cash advance for one of your customers, or if you already process through an ISO and want a merchant cash advance, First American Merchant Funding can help you enjoy only the best for your business needs.

Working with, independent sales agents can be sure to get the highest commissions in the industry. With up to 9% of the funded amount, you can earn residuals on credit card processing services.

Unlike small business loans that can take weeks if not months, MCAs for ISO’s take only a few days. Thanks to a merchant cash advance ISO agreement with First American Merchant, you can be sure to avoid declined cash advance deals. Some of the advantages of working with FAM include:

  • Your clients can get credit card processing from all top providers
  • All residuals and commissions can be tracked from one portal
  • Earn $1000 upfront per account, as well as plus residuals and bonuses
  • Enjoy online training tools and paperless application with e-signatures

With an ISO merchant cash advance, the payments are just a percentage of your daily sales. If you have a slow month, you’ll be charged less. When you have months with high sales volume, you’ll be charged more. With First American Merchant Funding, agents can gain access to the industry’s largest network of ISOs, PSPs, and banks.

Other cash advance agent benefits include:

  • Merchant cash advance, ACH/Bank Only and SMB loans
  • In-house funding an underwriting
  • High risk merchant acceptance

The enrollment process easy and hassle-free. You just need to complete and submit an agent agreement form and deal with one agent support representative. When you’re already an agent, you’ll get access to a large number of processors and banks. Thanks to the flexible pricing programs and buy rate options, you’ll be able to make what you want on an account.