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2015 June Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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The Secret Behind Competing With The Corporate Giants

In almost every corporate industry, there are certain names that dominate the scene more than others. These corporate titans run the show and often dictate more than they should. They are powerful and they are extremely influential. Take example of how well-established McDonalds is in the fast-food industry. Similarly, Goldman Sachs in the financial services industry and Shell in the oil and gas industry are examples of supreme corporate giants that make competitors look very small. However, history tells us that no matter how big these corporations may be, nobody is untouchable. Your business may not overtake McDonalds by the […]

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Why Customers Are Your Business’ Most Valuable Asset

To sum up the entire process of lending businesses money, lenders need to be assured that their amount would be returned to them in due time. Yes, there are bad debts every now and then. But, that’s occupational hazard – one you can’t possible predict, and thus, avoid. However, under normal circumstances, lenders continue to exist because borrowers pay them back with interest. Different businesses may have different criterion for determining who is credit-worthy – that is, who they think would pay them back in time. From revenue stream to cash flow position and asset base, all these things determine […]

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The Loan Dilemma of High Risk Businesses

There are several factors that contribute to what is known as the riskiness of a business. From the product you sell, to the industry you operate in, everything contributes to the total level of risk. Then there are also contingency issues that determine how well your business can cope up in case of an unseen mishap, such as a downturn in an economy. Highly diversified businesses that do not depend highly on any one part of their business are usually considered safe by banks and merchant account providers. On the contrary, businesses with products that are newly introduced and without […]

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How Hard Does Bad Credit Bite?

Today, we are surrounded by a financial industry that has opened for us innumerable doors to different financial instruments, all of which have perks of their own. In a world where the lenders are encouraging the borrowers to get loans, instead of the situation being the other way round, we have reached a point where people are carelessly taking out loans they know they cannot service and in the process, putting themselves into serious financial trouble. While these loans may offer glittery effects in the short-term, your struggle to pay them back or meet interest payments in time is something […]

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Why You Must Know Your Start-Up Costs Beforehand

Is a specific amount of money enough to cover for start-up costs of different types of businesses? Is one budgeting model valid for different industries? Is it okay to see through your costs as they come instead of preparing for them in advance? The answer to all these questions is a resounding ‘no.’ Take example of a shoe factory and a security agency. The former is a capital-intensive business, whereby there are going to be a great deal of initial costs to buy the machinery needed for production. However, since it would employ a relatively less amount of employees, there […]

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6 Reliable Ways to Fund Your Startup | Cash Advance

Unfortunately, when you decide to start your business, there won’t be people waiting in the wings to throw money your way. There is no magic involved. You will have to work just as hard in securing funding as you do in the actual operation of your business.   However, there are additional, creative options that you can explore that will greatly help in the financial process of starting a business. If one of these options does not work for you, don’t get discouraged. Regardless of your situation, there is a solution that will fit your needs.   Choose to fund […]

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How an ACH Business Loan can Help Your Business

There are many reasons why a business might need an alternative solution to a conventional bank loan. If a business is considered “high risk” by traditional lending sources, for example, it might not be possible for the business to secure a loan. Banks are hesitant to provide any services to a business categorized as high risk; this categorization could be because the business is a startup, experiences a high level of charge backs, bad credit history, etc. Two popular alternatives are an ACH loan and a Merchant Cash Advance. A merchant cash advance is not really a loan; it is […]

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Six Tools to Get More Sales on Your Website

Websites are many times the only avenue for small businesses to make sales. While this is tricky for all businesses, there are things that you can do to help guide customers to your website. While our greatest wish is for site visitors to purchase, often times just getting the lead can help grow your business. If that person doesn’t need what you are selling, they may know someone who is, and they may refer that person to your site. However, they first must be able to find your website to do so. Below are six of the best tools and […]

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Top Five Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

Technology is becoming mobile, and so are the ways that we do business. Most of us have a cell phone that either runs off of Android or Apple networks, and that allows us to download apps. From food delivery, to shopping, to religious texts, there is nearly an app for everything. There are also good apps that can help you with business, regardless if your business is new or old, big or small. Below are five of the best mobile apps for businesses. Asana is one of the best for busy business owners and multitaskers. It is available both in […]

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Why Merchant Cash Advances Are A Great Option for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Merchant cash advances are great for many types of companies. From traditional to high risk, companies benefit from the ease of access and ease of payment ability. In the aftermath of the banking collapse, banks are not being cautious of traditional companies in terms of business loans. This can but a damper on plans for expansion, increased inventory, or even extra staff. With a merchant cash advance, you do not have to worry about being turned down, as there is a high acceptance rate amongst small and medium-sized businesses that have been active for over six months. Small and medium-sized […]

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