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2015 June Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Turn Interns into Profit

In today’s economy, small businesses are struggling to make ends meet. Owners are searching for ways to reduce expenditures and to save money on non-essentials every day. But any successful company will tell you that the key to success is finding value in a replenishing resource, and if possible, increase its value so that it gives more back to your company in the long run. During the summer, small businesses can benefit greatly from a source of labor that is free, surprisingly creative, and eager to please – the summer intern. Ove the last 20 years many businesses have discovered […]

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How Small Biz Becomes Big Biz

In today’s economy it is easy for small business owners to get discouraged. If you have a business that deals in the high risk industry it is especially difficult to secure a loan or to find loans at a fair rate. But there is hope. For the thousands of new businesses that fail due to poor management or the inability to establish secure merchant accounts, there are many that do succeed. And some that not only succeed, but grow to become empires. Ben & Jerry’s: This company is one of the nation’s leading ice cream brands, but began as a […]

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Business Cash Advances Can Keep Your Small Business Afloat

Starting your own business means a lot of work, long hours, and social sacrifices. Most people cannot comprehend the amount of dedication and talent that goes into creating and growing a small business. In recognition of the 28 million small businesses in America, the Small Business Association (SBA), began National Small Business Week. According to the SBA, half of Americans either work for, or own a small business, and this trend is expected to continue. It is estimated that over 60 million citizens will be self-employed. But how will these businesses succeed in a time where so many are having […]

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Can I Get a Cash Advance with Bad Credit?

Many small businesses have a difficult time attaining loans from traditional banks. Out of 63% of small companies that seek loans, only 27% are approved. This is largely due to a bad credit history or being classified as a “high risk” business. Not being able to attain working capital is a major issue for struggling businesses, as they need money to pay for equipment, personnel, and other expenses. Luckily there are alternative payment processors that specialize in providing loans to small businesses with bad credit and high risk merchants. Unfortunately, being classified as high risk can affect a business’ ability […]

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Don’t Let Bad Credit Stop Your Business

A recent report on small business shows that 63% of them target traditional banks for loans, however only 27% are approved. Many are disapproved because of bad credit, others are considered too high risk for most processors. This is a major problem for small business owners who desperately need capital to start and maintain their businesses. Now there is a growing number of alternative payment processors that specialize in providing merchant accounts and loans for small businesses that don’t have great credit. These processors take into consideration variables such as bank deposit history, credit partners, credit card sales, and other […]

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