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2015 June Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Broadband is a Great Business Investment

Business investments come in many forms. From advertising to education, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the betterment of your business. One option that is often overlooked is the upgrade to broadband internet. While a regular high speed service may work for your home, a business needs lightning-fast speed and the ability to offer up fast WiFi, as well. Broadband is the best option for this, and luckily the trend is catching on. Studies have shown that the fast the internet connection, the more efficient the company. This is why broadband is the best choice for merchants. Even […]

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How a Cash Advance can Save Your Company

Many high risk merchants need cash. Some turn to relatives and friends, while others look for a small business loan. The latter can be tricky, as most banks and lenders will not lend to a high risk business. For those who do, the interest rates are enormous – and the repayments start back almost immediately. There is a better alternative, and it is called the merchant cash advance. This is not like traditional payday cash advances, where interest is huge, and it is nearly impossible to pay off. Instead, a merchant cash advance can give your business the cash it […]

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How to Launch a Business with Bad Credit

Getting a new business off the ground is a tough thing to do. Even with a perfect credit score, banks are much more cautious about lending out business loans these days. You’ll need much more than an amazing credit score to get approved. A thorough business plan with proof of concept and details about how income will actually be made is necessary for most business loans. However, what if you have all of that, but a poor credit score?   Launching a business with a poor credit score may seem impossible, but there actually are ways that you can make […]

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What Motivates Women to Start Their Own Business | Merchant Loans for Start-Ups

Launching a new business start-up is one heck of a task and for women; it may seem even more difficult at times. While women are gaining more and more respect from men and society as a whole, it’s still not 50-50 on the equality scale. Men are still considered the best business owners and CEOs, while most people believe that women should not be in power. Nonetheless, women own one third of businesses across America and that alone shows just how equal women truly are to men when it comes to running a business.   However, motivational factors may be […]

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Merchant Cash Advance for the Business Struggling with Bad Credit

Small business owners’ credit issues negatively affect operating their business. If a business owner suffers from bad credit, it will make it difficult if not impossible for the owner to secure funding from a local or national bank. Even if a traditional lending source is willing to work with a business that has bad credit, it will mandate a large amount of collateral. In addition, the rates for a small business loan will be much higher for individuals with bad credit than for individuals who have a good credit situation; this is due to the “high risk” categorization involved when […]

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Merchant Cash Advances Give Businesses Breathing Room

For Andy Fiscella, owner of the Dime, a bar and lounge in Los Angeles, merchant cash advances have saved his small business on more than one occasion. Fiscella, also an actor, compares running his small business to being a player on the Hollywood scene. One day you are in demand, and the next you are seriously struggling. It’s hard to know when you’re going to take a major hit. Fiscella’s bar was one of many businesses that was hit hard after the financial crisis of 2008. However, Fiscella found a way to not only save his business, but to help […]

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Defaulting on Your Student Loans is not a Good Idea

Author and culture critic, Lee Siegel, created quite a stir on social media in early June in an op-ed in The New York Times. Siegel admitted that he defaulted on his student loans. The part that had everyone talking is that he willfully did so. In the article, Siegel recounted his story of how he, at seventeen-years-old, and his mother went to the local bank and took out his first student loan. He recalled how, when he was finished with the paperwork, the banker congratulated them. Siegel described this congratulation: “as if I had just won some kind of award […]

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The Key Things you Need to Know When you are Setting up an ACH Billing Account

Perhaps you are considering setting up an ACH billing system that will serve your business. Just like in any other business initiative, there are a few considerations you should understand to guide your decisions and see you through the process. Here are seven primary factors you must know. ACH billing usually tends to have lower transaction fees Though not always the case, ACH billing typically have lower transaction rates that may just favor your business in terms of revenue. This happens in cases where the company processor charges a flat transaction fee. With this kind of a billing scenario, a […]

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Merchants Data at Risk Due to Security Breaches

With the increased number of businesses relying on card payment and the continually advancing technology, you may easily presume that merchants are winning the battle on their payment data protection. This is not the case. A Verizon 2015 PCI Compliance Report confirms that the battle on fraud and threats to data security is far from won. Just about 20 percent of the total businesses surveyed managed to pass their latest PCI compliance assessments. Even though the 2014 report presented a lower figure at only 10 percent, it is noteworthy that not even a single company has proven compliant at the […]

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Bad Credit Business Loan from First American Merchant

Internet-based businesses have taken the lead in today’s business environment. New market players are filing the platform. Other than the competition that comes along with this increased number of players in the 21st century, there is the problem of bottom-line. The mainstream brick-and-mortar retails, startups, electronic merchants and even established businesses that are seeking to grow through the internet are facing difficulties securing lends from banks and other traditional lenders. It is much worse for those companies that have experienced some bankruptcy and are carrying a low credit score. Creditors are less willing to lend money to such businesses out […]

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