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The Loan Dilemma of High Risk Businesses

There are several factors that contribute to what is known as the riskiness of a business. From the product you sell, to the industry you operate in, everything contributes to the total level of risk. Then there are also contingency issues that determine how well your business can cope up in case of an unseen mishap, such as a downturn in an economy.

Highly diversified businesses that do not depend highly on any one part of their business are usually considered safe by banks and merchant account providers. On the contrary, businesses with products that are newly introduced and without any robust empirical research are considered high risk businesses. Controversial businesses such as adult toys and cancer-preventing supplements are examples of high risk businesses.

When the tag of ‘high risk’ is slapped on your business, what it shows is the reluctance of these providers to do business with you, as they consider doing so highly risky. This answers your question as to why you have been receiving rejections on all of your loan applications. Perhaps they think your product doesn’t have a product that has a stable demand, or the market you operate in falls under the ‘risky’ category. It could also be that you have bad credit due to your past endeavors. All these factors contribute to the ‘risky tag’ and therefore, have similar consequences – these banks and merchant account providers would want to steer clear of doing business with you.

What you need here is an alternative route, what you need here is a provider that looks beyond all these factors and assesses your business for what it really is. There are a plethora of different providers out there that claim to help high risk businesses to get access to cheap loans, but what you really need is a provider that backs its claims up with top-notch services and experience.

One such provider you should thus consider is First American Merchant (FAM). With a portfolio full of high risk merchants, FAM knows all about high risk businesses and their need for funding. Using their high risk cash advance, you can give your business a much-needed jump start. There is no exhaustive protocols or unnecessary procedures. All you have to do is fill in a small application and FAM will do the rest for you. With approval ratings close to a 100% and nothing to lose, why won’t you give FAM the chance to help your business flourish?