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Top Five Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

Technology is becoming mobile, and so are the ways that we do business. Most of us have a cell phone that either runs off of Android or Apple networks, and that allows us to download apps. From food delivery, to shopping, to religious texts, there is nearly an app for everything. There are also good apps that can help you with business, regardless if your business is new or old, big or small. Below are five of the best mobile apps for businesses.

Asana is one of the best for busy business owners and multitaskers. It is available both in the Google Play Store and iTunes. It is also free, which is a plus. With Asana, you can add tasks quickly and easily from anywhere within Asana. You can also add links, files, and images directly to Asana whilst using other apps. There is also unlimited usage for up to 15 employees, or users.

inDinero is currently only offered in the iTunes store, and if you can access it, it is great for handling your business financial matters. This app is great for accessing your real-time finances with a dashboard that connects to your banking and credit card accounts. This is great for those who have accounts in different banks, or banks that do not offer up their own app. inDinero is also free to download and use.

Streak is also only offered by iTunes, but it is great for those who need a one-stop-shop for their business needs. This app is a dream come true for small business owners who need a simple CRM solution that also can be used for sales, email support, hiring, product management, and much more. Streak is also free to download.

OmniFocus and Quantus Tasks are pretty much on in the same, other than the name. OmniFocus is from the iTunes store, and Quantus Tasks is from the Google Play store. With these apps, you can receive quick notifications about due dates (meetings, ACH business loan payments, etc.) or when you are near a context with available tasks, as well as create new tasks anywhere in the app or send tasks from other apps.  The cost is $19.99 for OmniFocus and 12.99 for Quantus Tasks.