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2016 October Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Alternative Financing Options To Fund Your Business | Merchant Cash Advances

To get funding for your business you can apply to traditional banks and other lenders as well.  The great thing about alternative funding options is that they will help you stay away from the hassle of dealing with the long and often tedious process of getting funds from your bank. Funding  Your Small Business Small business owners often look for a convenient and affordable business loans to finance their company. Today, a merchant cash advance is a popular type of business funding, which is increasingly being chosen by more merchants. A merchant cash advance can be characterized as a smart […]

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Top Ways To Use A Business Line of Credit

A line of credit is a good option for small businesses as they can use it to fund a variety of needs. The latter include building a credit history for future financing and having a great deal of flexibility as compared with other financing options. Also, a such business funding allows for accessing your credit whenever needed, paying down the balance as your cash flow permits, and using it again and again. Below you can read how to use a business line of credit correctly. Building Up Credit Scores You can use a business line of credit to build up […]

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Inventory Management. Maximizing The Use Of Your Supply Chain

Inventory is associated with one of the biggest and most necessary costs in your business operations. Many small businesses try to find ways to save money on inventory. It is highly important to have good strategy for your inventory management. Supply Chain All retail businesses have a supply chain. One of the essential concepts of inventory management is to be able to optimize your business’ supply chain. A supply chain is defined as the network built among different companies producing, handling, and/or distributing a specific type of product. It involves all the steps and processes associated with bringing a product/service […]

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Cash Advance Micro Loan To Help Your Business Cash Flow

Cash flow challenges are among the biggest problems businesses face. Cash flow problems affect both large companies with major growth periods and startups with limited resources. However, these challenges are scalable. Get the Working Capital You Need Ebbs and flows in revenue are quite natural for operating a business. When struggling with cash flow, companies usually focus on having more sales. In fact, more sales can lead to major problems instead of helping your company. So, first of all, do your best to find the cause of your cash flow challenges. Issues like shortcomings in your sales channel, market volatility, […]

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Staying In Business Is Not Easy But a Merchant Account Can Help

It is not easy to make it as an entrepreneur. It was even more difficult to start a business 20 years ago. Modern technology has made it easier to start, however, staying in business is still tough. Technology and Pace Today, the pace is quicker than 20 years ago. Social media has made everything easier and, simultaneously, more difficult. It is all about attitude and hard work, sacrifice and willing to pay the price. Don’t be afraid to fail; if you haven’t failed, you haven’t lived. Technology is developing with rapid advances. You start competing on a global scale and […]

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Why Businesses Must Actively Participate In Online Conversations

Big and small businesses make one common mistake when it comes to reputation management on the internet: they wait till the Web is awash with negative information about them then they start rushing to counter them. Regardless of the scale of your business, it’s always advisable that you approach the online platform proactively when it comes to reputation management. To be proactive, you’ll have to join the conversation and be actively involved in it. Being part of an ongoing conversation is an effective way to be in control of the information spread about you. It leaves little room for rumors […]

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Three Ways to Leverage the Dynamic Business Culture

Business culture is always changing, mostly in ways that you cannot completely control. The business ecosystem is naturally dynamic – as a result of a never-ending cascade of new elements. Here’s how it happens: you sign in a new client, there’s an impact they make to the business culture. You hire a new associate, promote an employee or operationalize a change of whatever kind, the culture of the business changes. The changes can be favorable or unfavorable. Success all depends on how well you can leverage them for the better: Appreciate the power of the ripple effect Every event or […]

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Best entrepreneurship lessons from Tony Robins’ documentary: I’m not your Guru

Standing at 6’7, the iconic writer, philanthropist and businessman Tony Robins towers over many people on this planet. Yet the most enigmatic thing about him is not exactly his frame, but his ideas and entrepreneurial acumen. He can speak for hours on end and not ever seem to run out of words, leave alone ideas. Watching his quintessential documentary on Netflix dubbed “I Am Not Your Guru”, it immediately becomes apparent that there’s much more about entrepreneurship than what you probably already know. Here are a few lessons to pick: A better aim is not to acquire satisfied customers but […]

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