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Cash Advance Micro Loan To Help Your Business Cash Flow

Cash flow challenges are among the biggest problems businesses face. Cash flow problems affect both large companies with major growth periods and startups with limited resources. However, these challenges are scalable.

Get the Working Capital You Need

Ebbs and flows in revenue are quite natural for operating a business. When struggling with cash flow, companies usually focus on having more sales. In fact, more sales can lead to major problems instead of helping your company. So, first of all, do your best to find the cause of your cash flow challenges.

Issues like shortcomings in your sales channel, market volatility, or changes in consumer behavior can result in falling revenue. The reasons vary from a company to company, but the results can create major obstacles for all types of business owners. They may eventually end up with growing debt and poor credit ratings.

A cash advance micro loan from a reputable company like can be great help to business owners experiencing fluctuations in revenue. First American Merchant (FAM) is a high risk processor that offers exceptional business funding options to merchants of any type and size.

Cash Advance Micro Loan for Your Company

Good cash flow is important for keeping your business alive. Poor cash flow can be devastating for it. It’s not surprising that poor cash flow causes 1 in every 4 businesses to not make it past the 1st year, and more than half to not survive past the 5th.

First American Merchant focuses more on the strength of your businesses cash flow than your personal credit or personal financial situation. Most of the programs offered by First American Merchant are based on a receivables financing model. Essentially purchasing a set amount of your future sales at a discounted fixed plan.

Cash advances help bridge the gap between fluctuations in revenue. You won’t be required to provide stringent credit requirements and time-consuming process of applying for a traditional bank loan. A cash advance offers less restrictive repayment terms that are based on incoming revenue averages instead of utilizing a fixed monthly payment. Take advantage of the benefits with a cash advance micro loan today!