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Best entrepreneurship lessons from Tony Robins’ documentary: I’m not your Guru

Standing at 6’7, the iconic writer, philanthropist and businessman Tony Robins towers over many people on this planet. Yet the most enigmatic thing about him is not exactly his frame, but his ideas and entrepreneurial acumen.

He can speak for hours on end and not ever seem to run out of words, leave alone ideas. Watching his quintessential documentary on Netflix dubbed “I Am Not Your Guru”, it immediately becomes apparent that there’s much more about entrepreneurship than what you probably already know.

Here are a few lessons to pick:

A better aim is not to acquire satisfied customers but raving fans

Businesses thrive on ideal clients that return over and over. And while a satisfied customer sounds like a great asset to have, he is just that: satisfied. The danger of that? A similar satisfaction elsewhere might just lure them away.

A raving fan loves not just the product you have to offer, they love you. They love the business and are determined to stick around through thick and thin. They’ll recommend you and won’t stop telling other people about you. That’s an ASSET!

A good entrepreneur is a business owner, not a business operator

Owning the business doesn’t mean you have to be there for it to really keep running. Once you become strategic and build something that can run even in your absence then you can say you are a business owner. Your business can run without you.

While losers react, winners anticipate

Doing the right thing is not enough in entrepreneurship. But doing the right thing at the right time is. A great way to go about it? Identify the people who’ve been in the game long enough to know where the inherent obstacles are. Learn from them so that you can be prepared to avoid these obstacles.

You must learn to turn opportunities down

Once you have an active ambition to achieve something, lots of opportunities will come your way. You cannot take all of them. You must be “disciplined enough to not spread yourself too thin too fast”. To achieve something strong, you must focus on the most important irrespective of how good you are as an entrepreneur.

As soon as you have identified what’s most important, little will be able to stand on your way to achieving it – not even insufficient capital! Especially not in this present time when you can get a merchant cash advance from alternative lenders like FAM who do not discriminate high risk business ventures.