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Three Ways to Leverage the Dynamic Business Culture

Business culture is always changing, mostly in ways that you cannot completely control. The business ecosystem is naturally dynamic – as a result of a never-ending cascade of new elements. Here’s how it happens: you sign in a new client, there’s an impact they make to the business culture. You hire a new associate, promote an employee or operationalize a change of whatever kind, the culture of the business changes.

The changes can be favorable or unfavorable. Success all depends on how well you can leverage them for the better:

  1. Appreciate the power of the ripple effect

Every event or action tends to have continuing and spreading results that can go deep into the future: the ripple effect.

In the business environment, this ripple effect impacts not just your business today but also its future. It’s best to not ignore any event however small it may appear, so long as it has a bearing to your business.

Take for instance, a customer complains about a product. You have two choices: to ignore it and live with the consequences that may include losing the customer along with many others with similar complaints; or take a corrective action and save your business from losing any customers because of the issue.

A bad credit tends to have a very strong ripple effect. It will literally block your chances of getting credit from a bank. Even though you can still get a merchant loan from alternative lenders like FAM with a bad credit, it’s always best to maintain a favorable credit score.

Simply put, your business is an ecosystem with parts that each reacts to the energy of the other. One slight ripple on one end can create a big wave on the other end. So, determine what you have to address today to avoid spreading the negative effects tomorrow.

  1. Work on your business culture to retain its strength

A strong business culture is desirable. However, if you become complacent and stop working hard to maintain it then the dynamics that constantly come along will definitely affect that culture.

If you consider your company’s culture to be strong today, do not assume that it will always remain like that without constant work. Culture is always moving, and to keep it strong, keep working on it.

  1. Make the ripple effect work to your advantage

Just like a negative ripple will spread its negative effects, a good ripple will also spread its good effect. This ripple effect is powerful. The best is to help the positive ripples overshadow the mistakes. Be sure to model your business’ past success to replicate them in other areas and create intentional positive surges in the business ecosystem.