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2015 August Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Tips for Making Your Passion Your Full-Time Career

Everyone has some form of hobby. From crocheting to gardening to reading, and even airplane building, our hobbies are as creative as we are. While many in past generations have taken their hobbies and created businesses, few are taking it to the “full time” today. Sites and avenues like Etsy and eBay are causing us to make part-time money off our hobbies, while we could be making full-time money. Below are a few tips for converting your hobby into you full-time career. First off, let your personality shine. This may seem like it doesn’t matter, but you need a good, […]

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Why You Should Let Your Employees Set Their Own Work Hours

It is no secret that the foundation of any and every successful business is built on the success of their employees. A happy employee is an asset, while an unhappy one could well turn out to be a liability. Businesses spend countless sums in terms of benefits to assemble a workforce that is happy and motivated, for they know how importance this is. But, one thing that goes a long way in achieving this goal, without costing any monetary sum, is flexible hours. And so, to reap the countless benefits of happy, motivated, and loyal employees, you should not just […]

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How to Financially Prepare if Your Company Is Cutting Back | Start Your Own Business!

What is the first thing you do when you when you realize that there is a possibility that you might lose your job? You do what you should have done long ago – be financially responsible. For one reason or other, not many people are able to establish a robust rainy-day fund. If you are one of many without any such fund or escape route, it’s time to realize that there will be no bigger wake-up call. The first thing you need to do is starting spending less, and when you do spend, spend responsibly. If you want to have […]

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Green Businesses Bring Big Bucks, and a Headache

Green businesses are huge these days. From organic foods to organic cleaning services, to even renewable energy, green businesses are some of the most profitable new businesses in the US market. While profitable and popular, many in the processing industry have issues with these businesses. This is for many reasons, ranging from the industry’s “newness” to its fad-like popularity. Because of this, many green merchants have a hard time obtaining things that they need, such as a business credit card and a merchant account. Like most things in life, if you look hard enough and are smart enough, you can […]

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There’s an App for That! Apps that Can Aide Your Small Business

There are apps for everything. From NYC Subway schedules to fast food ordering, and even medical help, apps can help every aspect of our lives. While our personal lives are greatly aided by apps, our business lives can be, as well. Business organization is something that nearly all merchants could use help with, and there are new apps that can help even the most disorganized merchants get his affairs in order. One of the best is ToDoList. With ToDoList, you can organize your schedule via color-coded tabs, which can help those who need a little vibrancy in their organizational life. […]

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