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Tips for Making Your Passion Your Full-Time Career

Everyone has some form of hobby. From crocheting to gardening to reading, and even airplane building, our hobbies are as creative as we are. While many in past generations have taken their hobbies and created businesses, few are taking it to the “full time” today. Sites and avenues like Etsy and eBay are causing us to make part-time money off our hobbies, while we could be making full-time money. Below are a few tips for converting your hobby into you full-time career.

First off, let your personality shine. This may seem like it doesn’t matter, but you need a good, relatable personality regardless of what business you are in. This is especially important if you are starting out. Your business should reflect your personality, and your personality should reflect your business.

Also, even though it is work, do not treat it as such. By treating your hobby as a traditional job, you may grow tired of it. That would be a shame, as it was your hobby and love before it was a moneymaker. Keep it fun, and the money will come.

You need somewhere to go and vent to others like you. Much like a support group for small business owners or moneymaking hobbyist. Facebook and LinkedIn offer up many avenues for you, and some may even be in your area of expertise. By having a place to vent to like-minded people, you are more likely to stay the course. Social media is also great for finding clients, as well. Set up a business Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page to highlight your work. If applicable, a YouTube channel can also work.

Now, when you get all of this together, and you get to work, you may find that you are short on cash. That is okay, as it happens to nearly every small business from time to time. You need to look for an ACH business loan, like the one offered by FAM. This is not a traditional loan, and even many merchants with bad credit are eligible. Be sure to research all of your funding options, though, as choosing the wrong one can leave your business in a tough spot.