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There’s an App for That! Apps that Can Aide Your Small Business

There are apps for everything. From NYC Subway schedules to fast food ordering, and even medical help, apps can help every aspect of our lives. While our personal lives are greatly aided by apps, our business lives can be, as well. Business organization is something that nearly all merchants could use help with, and there are new apps that can help even the most disorganized merchants get his affairs in order.

One of the best is ToDoList. With ToDoList, you can organize your schedule via color-coded tabs, which can help those who need a little vibrancy in their organizational life. ToDoList also syncs your email, and syncs to all of you electronic devices. Docusign is also a must-have app. This app allows you to send secure links to your employee, vendors, and prospective hires with documents that need a signature. This helps lessen the paper load in an office, and it helps keeps paperwork organized. CardMunch helps you organize your overwhelming load of business cards. The more merchants you meet, the more business cards you will hand out and receive, and these can quickly become overwhelming. With CardMunch, you can quickly organize the contact information, with the added access of storing it on your phone for a quick text for phone call.

Apps are great, and take little investment. However, for new businesses or businesses with bad credit, obtaining the technology to use apps is another story. You need to look for a business cash advance with bad credit service. It may seem hard to find, but in reality, obtaining a business cash advance with bad credit is easy, and painless, if you know where to look. These cash advance services are not a loan; in fact, they are not considered a loan so the paperwork is minimal. Payments are also different then a loan, as they are taken out of your merchant account at a percentage agreed upon between you and the processor. This is something that all small businesses should look into, especially if they are not able to purchase the technology needed to aide their company.