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Why You Should Let Your Employees Set Their Own Work Hours

It is no secret that the foundation of any and every successful business is built on the success of their employees. A happy employee is an asset, while an unhappy one could well turn out to be a liability. Businesses spend countless sums in terms of benefits to assemble a workforce that is happy and motivated, for they know how importance this is. But, one thing that goes a long way in achieving this goal, without costing any monetary sum, is flexible hours. And so, to reap the countless benefits of happy, motivated, and loyal employees, you should not just acquiesce to, but also encourage flexible hours.

You need your employees to be at their best. You need your employee to want to do their job, and do so using the best of their ability. So, if Bob thinks he can work better at night and is able to deliver you the work following this schedule, there is little in it for you to fight this. If you go one step ahead and encourage it, it would work even better. While at the same time, resisting such a culture could lead to a feeling of unhappiness, something that is increasingly causing many corporate employees to jump ship.

However, it should be noted that allowing your employees this freedom and cutting back on supervision are two very different things. You would still want to supervise them as you wish to, keep track of who is doing what, and whether or not targets are being met. But, instead of being more concerned with who showed up earlier in the morning and who didn’t, you would instead be more concerned with the more important issue – who brought what to the business. And, as long as the employee who doesn’t wish to check-in at 9am is meeting, or better exceeding, all his or her targets, why do hours even matter?

The ultimate race that your business and all those businesses you compete with, or wish to compete with, are running in is the race to be leaner, more profitable, and at the same time, more stable. Happy employees are not just a recommended instrument you need to be in that race, but a prerequisite.  It’s almost like getting access to ACH business loans, which are a type of simple, fast, and easily-accessible business loans that allow your business a cash advance through a simple bank transfer.

While you can make your employees happiness and more loyal through flexible hours, getting your hands on an ACH business loans is also a good idea. In fact, it’s not an issue at all. Specialized buyers such First American Merchant, are being set up to allow you fast access to these loans, without asking much from you. Like happy employees, you have all the tools you need to get your hands on the various ACH business loans, all you have to do is go for it.