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2015 August Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Why Your Business Needs An ACH Business Loan

Why Not Traditional Loans If you are to believe the traditional banks and other lending institutions regarding loans, you would end up believing that getting these loans and servicing them is as easy as they make it appear to be. However, one experience doing so is more than enough for you to realize that reality differs from what you are being fed. Truth is, these traditional loans are not just extremely difficult to service, but it is also a complete hassle to get your hands on them if you are a new business. First you have to make sure you […]

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What You Must Know About Small Business Financing

If your perception of the small business financing industry is that because it says ‘small business’ it is not worth your time, think again. The amount of newly formed small businesses is on the rise – thanks to globalization and technological advancements. These new formed, aspiring businesses have borrowed a huge amount of money last year, with the figure touching the $1 billion mark. Not that small after all, no? However, despite the apparent growth of this industry and the demand for what it offers, there still exists some degree of doubt as to the nature of this industry. If […]

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Understanding the Importance of Public Speaking For Your Business

There is hardly anyone out there who is able to make a strong case against going an extra mile to master the art of public speaking. Why? Because the benefits of public speaking are obvious and plentiful. Yet, there are a large number of individuals who struggle when it is their turn to get a message across in public. Fear and anxiety gets the better of them. Truth is, this lack of importance we pay to public speaking shows that while we all know public speaking is important, we simply don’t know how important. As a small business, the first […]

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Top Five Sources of Capital Your New Business Needs

The challenge of running a business only starts with getting a solid idea. To put that idea into practice, you need to get the starting capital. Scouring for investors is one of the most challenging tasks that initially every new business has to face, and with a plethora of new set ups competing with one another for funding, this challenge is not getting any easier any time soon. Having said that, if you are looking for ways to fund your business, there is no reason why you can’t find one if you’re determined enough. To lend you a helping hand, […]

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Small Business Advice: The Secret to a Successful Business Partnership

There is no lack of famous partnerships from businesses that came together to fail as a partnership. What went wrong? Why didn’t they make the most of one another’s strengths? Did they get greedy? Or perhaps complacent? Or maybe they had differing and incompatible business models? All these questions run one’s mind once you come across examples of the likes of NASA and Lockheed Martin failing to make their partnership work – a partnership worth over $125 million. The simple secret to a successful partnership lies in ensuring compatibility and setting aside selfishness to work together as one unit. That’s […]

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How to Secure A Business Loan

Many lenders advertise that all you have to do to get access to their ‘attractive’ loans is a simple application. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, while these loans do exist, they are not ‘easy’ to get access to, and you would need a robust plan if you are to secure one without having to pay astronomical interest rates. The first thing to do is anticipate the need for funds and plan ahead. What this means is that you have to apply for a loan before you actually need that loan. This would ensure that you […]

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Golden e-Commerce Advice From Leading Start-Up Founders

The internet has opened up more opportunities than one could possibly fathom before the inception of this revolutionary means of running your business. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking to make the most of the internet by offering your products or services online, perhaps what you need to start off is a word of advice from people who have been in your shoes and taken steps that led them to enviable success. Advice no. 1: Identifying the demand You can’t just take any business online and be sure of its success. An owner of a start-up that took his […]

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Four Ways You Can Bid Farewell To Your Business’ Cash Problems

In an ideal world, your revenue would far exceed your expenses and you would take home a great chunk of your total sales. However, a reality check could quite possible display a different scenario, especially when you are a start-up trying to find its place in the market. It is very likely that in this stage you will find yourself behind payments, running after clients, and trying make ends meet. Most businesses, if not all, operate for profit. But, in a business cycle, there is one thing more important than profit – cash flow. You need cash for just about […]

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Over 400 Plaintiffs Sue JPMorgan Over Mistake in GM Loan

JPMorgan is in a little bit of trouble right now. The company and the law offices of Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP are being sued by one of its participants in a $1.5 billion term loan that was made to General Motors Corp. before it went bankrupt. The plaintiffs state that a mistake in the contract eliminated the security interest that would have paid the loan completely, regardless of GM’s bankruptcy in 2009. This mistake left the participants liable to pay off the loan after GM collapsed.  The mistake was made by an associate at Mayer Brown LLP, but was […]

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7 Steps to Launching Your Business

Starting your own business is not as difficult as some may believe. Recent federal budget changes now offer more money to invest in small businesses. This means that entrepreneurs who need loans will have an easier time obtaining traditional loans. And if they can’t qualify for traditional loans there are alternative means to get financing. If you’re thinking about starting a new business here are the essential steps that are guaranteed to get your business up and running. Create a Viable Business Plan. There are many resources that can assist entrepreneurs in making a workable business plan. Business plans are […]

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