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Why Your Business Needs An ACH Business Loan

Why Not Traditional Loans

If you are to believe the traditional banks and other lending institutions regarding loans, you would end up believing that getting these loans and servicing them is as easy as they make it appear to be. However, one experience doing so is more than enough for you to realize that reality differs from what you are being fed.

Truth is, these traditional loans are not just extremely difficult to service, but it is also a complete hassle to get your hands on them if you are a new business. First you have to make sure you have the adequate credit requirements that the banks need from you. This is followed by a lengthy application and a protocol that will sweat you out. Then when it’s time to make the payments, it’s a complete problem of its own. Why go through such hassle when you can simply opt for an Ach Loan?

Why Ach Loan Instead

As a new or small business owner, you have quite a bit on your plate already. From finding growth opportunities to making sure you are building a name for yourself while serving the existing customers, these are some of your foremost tasks at hand. The last thing you need is a loan pushing you down and making it hard for you to run your business.

To help you with this, First American Merchant brings to you a perfect solution. Imagine getting a cash advance that comes to you without any credit rating requirement or usual hassle that traditional loans put you through. Wouldn’t it be a relief to simply concentrate on your business for a change? This is exactly what First American Merchant hopes to offer you through their Ach loan.

How Does It Work

The process is extremely simple. First American Merchant would first simply monitor your bank deposits to get an idea of your revenue. Then, based on this, it would allow you a much-needed cash advance. In return, it would take a particular amount from your bank on a regular basis. They get paid when you get paid. Simple as that. No unnecessary and counterproductive protocols.

All you have to submit to is 3-6 months banks statements, a copy of your drivers license, and a few documentation regarding your landlord. You can then expect to receive funds in the next 5 days. Yes, it is this fast. No hassle, no unnecessary procedure or waiting.

So if you have a business you need to run, First American Merchant brings you just the way to give your business a jumpstart.