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2015 February Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Do You Have what it takes to be the Next Entrepreneur?

  Has the thought ever crossed your mind that you would like to start your own business? Have you had that feeling that you could be doing so much more, doing a better job? Have you wondered what it would be like to be an entrepreneur and what it would take? Starting a business is no small task, nor should it be taken lightly. Before you even begin to research what starting a business would involve, you need to first ask yourself some questions. You must as “why” just as much as you need to ask the question “how”. Why […]

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The Importance of Rewarding Returning Customers

Winning new customers is a must for any business, but it is easy to forget your faithful and continuous customers. If you have only been giving out offers and discounts to new, potential customers, the ones who have been there and continue to be there might become a little sour. They might begin to feel “ignored”. While getting new customers is a necessary business strategy in order to grow, it is still important to recognize the customers that have helped to build what you already have. A large portion of your time and energy should be devoted to finding ways […]

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Cyber Attacks on Business Continues to be A Big Problem

Cyber attacks have become a very big problem for businesses. In recent weeks, even electronic and entertainment giant, Sony, fell victim to e-mail hacks. It involved conversations between top producers to be leaked; the content of which proved to be embarrassing, since high-profile actors and actresses were discussed in less than flattering ways. In addition, in the beginning week of February, U.S. Central Command experienced an attack on their social media accounts. At present, the attack has left many wondering if ISIS supporters or sympathizers were involved in some way. These attacks prove that no target is too large to […]

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Firing a Client, Good or Bad for Business?

If you have been in business a while, you have probably already have faced this problem. If you are a recent startup, this question might have crossed your mind. So, what is the answer? Is firing a client a bad move for your business? Some of you may be thinking, why would you ever fire a client? That’s refusing income! Believe it or not, firing a client can be a good and wise decision. There are cases where this action is even necessary: An unsuccessful partnership. Sometimes, it is necessary to end a relationship with a client simply because some […]

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How to Plan and Estimate Your Startup Costs

Are you interested in starting up your own business but have little to no idea how much it will take to do it? Are you in the process of “guesstimating” how much cash you will need? There are some simple steps that can help you as you calculate your startup expenses. Keep in mind that it is impossible to foresee everything, but these steps will help you piece together the basics so you have a rough idea. Hopefully, they will help you to avoid a lot of heartache and stress down the road. As you reach for the pen and […]

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What to do When Your Bank Says “No”

There are many reasons why your business may be in a situation where it requires fast funding. Have you experienced getting a “no” from your bank when applying for funding to boost your business? Was the reason due to bad credit? Times of natural disaster can force businesses to close and therefore lead to a loss in revenue. In addition, if you have experienced personal issues like divorce or the loss of a business partner, you may be in need of funds. Unfortunately, if you have bad credit, it can make obtaining funding extremely difficult. Traditional bank loans will be […]

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Is a Cash Advance The Right Solution for Your Business?

More and more talented people are trading in their corporate memberships and starting their own small businesses. However, the atmosphere for small businesses can be hostile depending on what type of business is asking for a loan, the credit rating, and the business’ reputation. As a result, business owners are turning to cash advances as a source of funding to jumpstart their company. But what exactly are cash advances? And how can cash advances help your business? Cash Advances Are. Short term loans acquired by credit card holders using their credit cards to withdraw cash via an ATM or at […]

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First American Merchant Funding Popular Choice for Small Businesses

Do you want to start a small business, but can’t qualify for a conventional loan? You are not alone. Since the recession, traditional lenders have declined to give lines of credit to businesses who may be inexperienced, have bad credit, or are considered “high risk.” Luckily there are a few legitimate alternatives for small businesses to obtain merchant cash advances. Credit Unions. Credit unions are member-owned and not-for-profit organizations that provide financial and credit services. They also offer lower loan rates than traditional lenders. Credit unions are quickly becoming the preferred loan avenue for small businesses. Many offer flexible payment […]

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Top 7 At Home Small Businesses that Make Major Bucks

2015 is the year of the small business. Why waste this year working for a corporation or person who doesn’t appreciate your efforts, or who knows less about the business than you? Isn’t it time that you start working for yourself? Owning your own business gives you the freedom to make your own decisions, pocket more profits, and build a legacy. The following are the most common and successful small businesses that will make you major profits. Online Store. The internet has made it easier than ever to start your own retail store without leasing an expensive store space. Maintain […]

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4 Ways to Keep the Sales Coming Long After the Holidays

After the holidays, many businesses struggle with a significant decline in sales. This transition can be especially difficult when a business’ products or services are heavily tied to a certain season. Slow sales can have devastating effects on small businesses, driving them into the red and effecting the bottom line. Still any business can generate and maintain generous sales with a few tried and true strategies. Offer Free Demos or Samples Consumers love free trials and samples. Allowing consumers to try your product or service for free will introduce them to your products without a commitment. Offering free demos or […]

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