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2015 February Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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FAM Can Get Your Bad Credit Merchant Account Instantly Approved

A recent report showed that 63 percent of businesses seeking a loan chose a traditional lender, like a bank, to seek funding. However, only 23 percent of these businesses were successful in acquiring the loans. Even though the economy is in recovery, banks are still extremely conservative when choosing which businesses to lend to. This means that companies with bad credit have little to no chance of acquiring loans from traditional sources. Banks and payment processors will reject your merchant account or charge your business excessive fees for operating. Even if the BBB gives your business an A rating it […]

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Top 8 Low Cost Ways to Jump Start Your Business

Have you finally decided to start your own business and need fast, economical ways to advertise? Are you a longtime business owner and looking for a way to boost sales without spending a fortune? Then it may be time to readjust your marketing strategy. Most companies believe that they must spend a fortune for good marketing. But the truth is there are a variety of low cost and effective marketing strategies that can move your business to the front of the line. Plan, Plan, Plan The first thing you must do is determine who your best prospects are and how […]

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Going from Employee to Entrepreneur is Easier than You Think

Owning a business is the American dream for many people. It can lead to self-sufficiency and some believe a more relaxing life. However, becoming an entrepreneur can be stressful, mostly for financial reasons. If you are already wealthy, or have investors, starting a company can be easy. Most of us are not that lucky, and have to look for other sources of funds, and a ban loan typically is not the best idea. This is because banks are hesitant to offer loans to new entrepreneurs; for fear that their loans will not be paid back due to business failure. New […]

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Businesses Search out New Technology

Businesses love technology. Businesses are also afraid to implement new technology, for fear of failure and issues with their merchant account provider. While failure seems like a reasonable fear, many any question why your merchant account provider may care what technology you implement. This is because new technology can often place a business into the dreaded “high risk” category amongst merchant account processors. There may seem like there is no way around this, but luckily, there are solutions that can help you out. One big problem with new technology is affording it. Even the most successful businesses can have issues […]

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Bad Credit Is Not Always Bad, Even For an Instant Business Account Approval

Bad credit is bad, there’s no getting around it. However, there are many merchants with bad credit who never seem to have any issues with processing or higher fees. This is because they know where to go to find their bad credit merchant accounts. While there are many companies that promote their services, not all are up to par. What tends to happen with many types of bad credit merchant accounts is that they are charged high fees – even from so-called “friendly to bad credit” providers. These fees can end up damaging any company, let alone a company that […]

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Six Ways Cash Advances Beat Small Business Loans

They say quarterbacks must have short memories: throw an interception and bounce back. The same is true of entrepreneurs; the ability to move on from a failed venture is actually crucial to future success. This is why bad credit can be like a dark cloud over some business owners, casting an undesirable shadow from the past. Fortunately, a cash advance offers any business owner a fantastic opportunity to grow their business without a loan. Here, from First American Merchant Funding, are six amazing benefits to cash advances: 1) Credit Doesn’t Matter! Your credit score is neither required nor necessary to […]

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Merchant Cash Advances Can Mitigate Bad Credit

First American Merchant Funding understands the challenges facing entrepreneurs and small business owners. Right from the get-go capital is needed ready to cover any issues that crop up in the first few months. This is the first example of where bad credit can sink an aspiring entrepreneur. If your credit cripples your abilities to help grow your greatest asset, your business, it could die before it even has a chance. Granted most business owners have a reserve of capital ready and waiting to confront the unexpected expenses that plague a new business. But, the savvy business owner will reserve this […]

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Converting Passion to Success for Your High Risk Merchant Endeavor

They say luck is the meeting of hard work and opportunity. Well something similar could be said for a successful business: success is the meeting of passion and acumen. Simply waiting for what you’re passionate about to pay back in monetary form is wishful at best and futile at worst. First American Merchant Funding has some tips for combining your passion with good business decisions to land you the dream job you always wanted to create. All businesses come with risk, but FAM can help set you up with a high risk merchant account with instant approval. The first step […]

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New Year Means New Financial Goals for Your Business

The beginning of a New Year is the ideal time to write down strategies that will help your business grow in the next 365 days. Actually this can be done in March, May or any other time but most feel that since January 1st begins a new life cycle it is the right time. If you want to get your business finances in shape you begin your corporate diet. Do not let it resemble your own diet that gets kicked out the door as soon as the Bowl Games come on television. Create your own financial pyramid and name each […]

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