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First American Merchant Funding Popular Choice for Small Businesses

Merchant cash advancesDo you want to start a small business, but can’t qualify for a conventional loan? You are not alone. Since the recession, traditional lenders have declined to give lines of credit to businesses who may be inexperienced, have bad credit, or are considered “high risk.” Luckily there are a few legitimate alternatives for small businesses to obtain merchant cash advances.

Credit Unions. Credit unions are member-owned and not-for-profit organizations that provide financial and credit services. They also offer lower loan rates than traditional lenders. Credit unions are quickly becoming the preferred loan avenue for small businesses. Many offer flexible payment options, and don’t penalize for paying loans too quickly.

Business Line of Credit. Similar to a credit card, business line of credit can be approved in advance and used when you need it. Repayments are made when money is borrowed,            and there is no fixed payment requirement. This means that businesses can get away with only paying the minimum each month.

Small Business Association Loan (SBA) Programs. Even though banks are cutting down on lending to certain small businesses, there has been an increase in the number of SBA loans available in the last year. An SBA loan guarantees a percentage of the loan to reduce the risk to a lending partner (generally a bank). This makes it easier for banks to accept small business applications.

FAM is an online merchant cash advance company that has helped thousands of small businesses reach their goals through generous loan programs without the hassle associated with traditional lenders. FAM offers simple, flexible programs designed to get you access to critical funds in less than 72 hours. No tax returns or financials are required. Get the money your business desperately needs.

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