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Cyber Attacks on Business Continues to be A Big Problem

Cyber Attack. KeyboardCyber attacks have become a very big problem for businesses. In recent weeks, even electronic and entertainment giant, Sony, fell victim to e-mail hacks. It involved conversations between top producers to be leaked; the content of which proved to be embarrassing, since high-profile actors and actresses were discussed in less than flattering ways.

In addition, in the beginning week of February, U.S. Central Command experienced an attack on their social media accounts. At present, the attack has left many wondering if ISIS supporters or sympathizers were involved in some way. These attacks prove that no target is too large to fall victim to cyber attacks.

It is crucial to be aware that not target is too small either. Small business owners are affected by cyber security risks on a daily basis as well. These breaches do not just involve social media; they can also involve breaches of private, confidential information of both the business and the business’ clients. When this occurs, the effects can be so negative that it destroys the entrepreneur’s life savings – it can even cost them their business.

How can you protect yourself? Cyber liability insurance can protect owners in the face of threats like cyber attacks. It can provide coverage that will help an entrepreneur recover from such breaches. Keep in mind that while the insurance can help with some of the costs, it will most likely be unable to cover everything.

According to Ryan Hanley of Small Business Trends, “If a business has a point-of-sale system to take payments, they’re a good candidate. Medical or legal offices where information is stored online could also benefit from protection…some policies can be customized to the needs of each business, allowing business owners to choose their level of coverage and maximum payouts”.

If you are currently in need of funds, you might find a merchant cash advance useful. It is possible to find a safe solution to this problem. 1st American Merchant Funding offers funding, flexible payback and fast approvals. Don’t let cyber attacks threaten your business. Take advantage of cyber liability insurance and a cash advance that can help secure your business’ future.

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