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2015 January Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Funding Options for Your Business Despite Your Bad Credit

Your credit score determines a lot for your business. A high score means smoother sailing, since a good score will provide a wide variety of funding sources. If you’ve been unfortunate to experience a low score, however, you will not have so many sources to choose from. Unfortunately, a low score cannot be simply and quickly wiped away from the “chalkboard”. It is there to stay. It can be changed, but it is going to take some time. If you do some searching, you can actually find ways to fund your business and get your score back on track at […]

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Lending Restrictions Assessed by FTC Commissioner

FTC Commissioner, Joshua Wright, has given a word of caution concerning the issue of imposing interest rates and other restrictions on consumer lending. His comment was released on December 26, 2014 and is specifically related the Defense Department’s proposed amendments to the Military Lending Act. Wright is not only one of the five Commissioners of the Federal Trade Commission, but he is also a leading economic scholar. He holds a Ph.D. in economics and a JD from the UCLA. He is a Republican and was nominated to the FTC by President Obama. His comments against restrictions have been posted on […]

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Merchant Cash Advances Work For Any Type of Business

There are times when every type of business needs a little help. Even if you have a business that is considered high risk like a travel agency or online dating, you may eventually have some cash flow problems that need addressed. Maybe the travel agency booked several groups for a tour of France. With all that has happened lately, the groups have cancelled. They promise to re-book when all the problems have been eliminated. Because of the winter weather, individuals are more concerned about getting to work safely rather than finding someone new to date. No matter what your industry, […]

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2015 Will Be a Good Year of Opportunity for Startup Businesses

As we move into 2015, it is the perfect time to think about starting up that business you have been dreaming of. Make this year your own by finally launching your own start up. Think of it as not only an advancement on your goals, but also as another step in the right direction for the world you live in – entrepreneurship is a key to solving many problems. Unemployment has become a major problems for both the U.S. and other countries. 2014 saw more than 1.6 million students graduating only to find that they were pushed into the pool […]

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Sometimes a Merchant Cash Advance Can Be Your Best Friend

You may be like thousands of merchants across the country that enjoyed hardy sales during the holiday season and were hoping that there was going to be enough cash flow to see you through to the beginning of the spring season. However, prices of goods and services have gone up and some employees received raises the first of the year. You know that you do not have enough cash to see you through. Do you try for a small business loan or get quick cash with the merchant cash advance? January and February can be the doldrums in retail sales, […]

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Are You Short on Marketing Dollars?

No company can exist without marketing and a marketing budget. Some of the oldest companies that have been around for 50 years or more will tell you that when times were tough they mistakenly took money from marketing to add to the bottom line. They also held sales where they discounted merchandise to the point where loyal customers are always looking for mark-downs rather than buying full price like they once did. There was a large study conducted by Harvard back in the 1980’s that stated those companies who continued marketing during a recession were the first ones to rebound […]

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New Year Means New Financial Goals for Your Business | Merchant Cash Advances Being One of Them

The beginning of a New Year is the ideal time to write down strategies that will help your business grow in the next 365 days. Actually this can be done in March, May or any other time but most feel that since January 1st begins a new life cycle it is the right time. If you want to get your business finances in shape you begin your corporate diet. Do not let it resemble your own diet that gets kicked out the door as soon as the Bowl Games come on television. Create your own financial pyramid and name each […]

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What is The Purpose of Your Small Business Loan?

More times than not small business owners find themselves in a tight cash flow situation. It could be that more capital is needed to hire temporary workers so that larger orders can be delivered on time. Maybe more raw materials need to be purchased to fulfill orders or to stock the shelves. After all, if you do not have a product in hand, you cannot sell it. You missed the boat and the revenue. When these short-term emergency needs arise, a long-term small business loan is not the answer. If the merchant accepts credit and debit cards a small business […]

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Do Not Let Fair Credit Stand in The Way of Getting a Merchant Cash Advance

Under normal circumstances a person or business that has fair credit feels like they are doing just fine. However, fair is not a meaningful rating for lenders. They want customers with good or excellent credit. You did not know how important this is until a major piece of equipment broke down. Maybe it was your entire computer system. It should be obvious to any lender than you need a loan to keep your business running. You must replace the equipment. There are hundreds of reasons why small and medium sized companies need a cash infusion in a hurry. Then there […]

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Even if You Have Fair Credit You Can Still Obtain a Bad Credit Merchant Account

You have been waiting for this day for years. You worked for others and watched them rake in the money while you struggled to make ends meet for you and your family. You knew they only way you were going to enjoy upward mobility was to run your own company. You have scraped, saved, made the business plan and have signed the lease on your new location. Maybe you are going to be selling via e-Commerce and work from home. You were full of vigor and enthusiasm when you went into your bank or applied at a traditional credit card […]

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