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Merchant Cash Advances Work For Any Type of Business

There are times when every type of business needs a little help. Even if you have a business that is considered high risk like a travel agency or online dating, you may eventually have some cash flow problems that need to be addressed. Maybe the travel agency booked several groups for a tour of France. With all that has happened lately, the groups have canceled. They promise to re-book when all the problems have been eliminated. Because of the winter weather, individuals are more concerned about getting to work safely rather than finding someone new to date. No matter what your industry, things happen. That’s why merchant cash advances were developed.

Yes, it is winter. For plumbers repairing broken water pipes and HVAC companies installing new furnaces, things are flush. If you are a landscaper who does not do snow removal or an online company selling fishing equipment, sales have been flushed. This is why you need a merchant cash advance.

If you thought about visiting your local bank for a small business loan there are several factors that are negative. You are asking for money and your payments will be long-term. The last time you applied you were probably denied – after what seemed like forever to get the news. And this was after you filled out so many applications and gathered more documents that you needed on your home loan. It just did not make sense. And to add insult to injury, when the bank ran your credit report it was another ding against your credit score.

A merchant cash advance is totally different. It was designed for those businesses that accept credit and debit cards. Even if you have a credit score in the 500’s you can be approved. It does not matter if you sell adult toys, you are a bankruptcy attorney or you are an on-line credit repair company. What many people do not realize is that with a merchant cash advance, you can renew your advance when 50% of the original amount is paid down.

The merchant cash advance specialist is not looking at your past – except for your history of credit card receipts. The lender is looking at your future. No one can be judged totally on a FICO score. They look at the big picture.

You could have the money you need in your checking account within 72 hours. Your payment is based on the amount of credit card sales you have in any given month. In bad months the payment will be low. In good months it will rise with your sales.

No matter what industry you are in, for a quick merchant cash advance call 1-800-210-5649 or click below today.