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2015 January Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Turn Leads Into Sales with an ACH Business Loan

The old saying that it takes money to make money is true most of the time. It is certainly true when you are trying to turn leads into sales. If you have the lead most likely the competition has the lead as well. Your offer and marketing has to make your product or service stand out. It is wonderful that you believe your product is the best. If you didn’t have faith in your own product you should not be in business. Oftentimes it takes a little extra to bring your prospect around to your way of thinking. Landing just […]

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Merchant Cash Advances Are Even Available to ISO’s

Merchants that process with a traditional credit card processor are not aware of the term ISO and what an ISO can do for them. An ISO is an Independent Sales Organization that sets its own guidelines and more often has a much more responsive customer service platform. An ISO purchases a number of transactions from the large processor for a low cost and then re-sells them to their customers. While W-2 sales people for the processing giant have to follow strict guidelines on prices and promotions, the ISO can do what it wants. This can be very beneficial for the […]

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Local Businesses with Bad Credit Can Secure Needed Funding

It goes without saying that many local companies were affected by the recent recession. While things are turning around, a business’s finances are not able to turn on a dime. There are still old bills to pay, new equipment to purchase or old equipment to be repaired. Quite a few necessities were shoved in the corner until the time came when the business was flush. With bad credit a smaller company does not have a lot of options. However, there is a merchant cash advance for those with bad credit. According to Reuters prior to the recession there are 1700 […]

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Small Businesses Needing Quick Cash Look For a Merchant Cash Advance

As you have heard, when the economy tanked quite a few banks went under. Without beating a dead horse, it can be blamed on bad judgment and liberal credit terms. So the knee-jerk reaction to an immediate problem is cutting back on all business loans – especially to the small business owners. Look at it from the bank’s point of view. They lend a large amount of money to a big company with fine credit. The bank knows it will get paid and the interest on the large loan is substantial. In walks the small business owner will smaller needs. […]

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Knowing What Makes You High Risk Can Help in the Long Run

When you began in business you had no idea your particular industry was listed as high risk by the credit card associations. Yes, merchants with bad credit as well as a bankruptcy on their records are high risk because of their past payment history. However, you may have a brick and mortar or online business that sells antiques, matchmaker services, credit counseling, horoscopes, prepaid debit cards, SEO services or one of many other categories. You can do something about bad credit. But you are not going to change industries. You can manage your credit risk and you can also qualify […]

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Bad Credit is in The Pits

  You have bad credit. Well, that’s better than no credit at all. There are plenty of companies just like yours that threw in the towel and called it quits. You remained at the helm trying to keep your company afloat and on course. It may have taken a bit of creative money shuffling, but you made it. As a consequence your credit rating is in the pits. You do not have to worry about identity theft because no one would want your score. That’s the good news. The bad news is that you are in a bind and need […]

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A High Risk Merchant Account is Not a Reflection on You Personally

Did you decided to begin the New Year with a new merchant account for accepting credit and debit cards? Maybe your old rate was too high or customer service is non-existent. Perhaps you are a new on-line merchant with dreams of making it big in online sales. You went into your local bank and spoke with the people who always smiled when you deposited your money. They were not smiling when they told you that you were a high risk merchant and they could not help you. They said you needed to deal with a high risk specialist. Well, fine. […]

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Looking Back at 2014, Welcoming in 2015

With the holidays over, there’s nothing left to do but to look back at 2014 – the good and the bad – and look forward to the goals and challenges of 2015. As you look back and study the events of 2014, you might want to consider some of the numbers involved and what they could mean for your business. According to research, the amount expected to be spent on the World Wide Web in retail is a shocking $2 trillion over the next few years. The transactions are also expected to take place via mobile devices; such as, iPhones […]

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High Risk Cash Advance

In this day and age, it can be difficult to secure loans from traditional lenders. Whether you are a start-up, and existing business, a brick-and-mortar establishment or an electronic merchant, not being able to get the funding you need is a real problem. If your company has gone through bankruptcy and/or has had their debt “charged-off” by creditors, you’ve probably found that funding options are even harder to obtain. If this is you, don’t despair. While traditional banks may have declined your loan application, there are still options out there for you. It doesn’t have to be such a difficult […]

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What does an ACH Business Loan Mean for You?

What is the difference between an ACH loan and a merchant cash advance, you may be thinking. How do I know which is better suited to my needs and situation? Honestly, an ACH loan and a merchant cash advance are like book ends on the same shelf. They are very similar; it is really in the “how” that they differ. Both of these loans are considered a short-term financing option. A merchant cash advance is based upon regular and predictable volume of credit card transactions. An ACH loan, on the other hand, looks at the average daily balance of your […]

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