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Looking Back at 2014, Welcoming in 2015

start up business cash advanceWith the holidays over, there’s nothing left to do but to look back at 2014 – the good and the bad – and look forward to the goals and challenges of 2015. As you look back and study the events of 2014, you might want to consider some of the numbers involved and what they could mean for your business.

According to research, the amount expected to be spent on the World Wide Web in retail is a shocking $2 trillion over the next few years. The transactions are also expected to take place via mobile devices; such as, iPhones and tablets. This does not come as a surprise since the goal of this past year was to make the mobile the center of merchant strategy – specifically, mPOS, beacon technology, mobile payments, apps, the cloud, etc.

According to, “In 2015, it will be 26 years since Sir Timothy Berners-Lee implemented the first successful communication between a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) client and server via the Internet”. You have to wonder if Berners-Lee expected the massive impact it would have on payments.

Another noteworthy fact of 2014 is the number of credit cards owned by all Americans. It would seem that Americans carry fewer credit cards than ever before. On average, Americans have 2.6 credit cards; this number includes those who carry no cards. If the number is considered only including those that do, the average number of cards rises to 3.7.

The number of Americans without credit cards has increased, but the number of Americans who are turned down for cards has increased as well. It would seem that 7% of Americans were rejected when they applied for a new card in 2014. This percentage has risen since 2013 by a little over 4 percent.

Numbers. Numbers greatly affect our businesses. As you move into this New Year, maybe you have been carefully going over the numbers and are concerned there are not enough of them. Perhaps you are a startup and you are not sure where to find the numbers in the first place, especially since your credit is not what it should be.

As you move into 2015, with all of the goals you hope to achieve laid out in front of you, you might want to add a merchant account to your “to do” list. If you have struggled with bad credit in the past (maybe 2014 was not your year) a bad credit merchant account could be the solution to your problems.

With 1st American Merchant Funding, credit scores below 500 are accepted and approved. The application process is simple, fast and hassle free. Unlike with a small business loan, you will not be bombarded with requests for complicated contracts and extensive documentation, and you will not experience the strict credit requirements. Start 2015 out the right way – stress free, and moving towards your goals.

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