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Are You Short on Marketing Dollars?

Cash AdvanceNo company can exist without marketing and a marketing budget. Some of the oldest companies that have been around for 50 years or more will tell you that when times were tough they mistakenly took money from marketing to add to the bottom line. They also held sales where they discounted merchandise to the point where loyal customers are always looking for mark-downs rather than buying full price like they once did. There was a large study conducted by Harvard back in the 1980’s that stated those companies who continued marketing during a recession were the first ones to rebound when the economy turned around. If you have stopped your marketing you may need a cash advance to help get you back in the game.

Take a look at where you are spending your time and money right this second. Are you getting a return on both? Do you know who your customers are? What are your demographics? Some businesses will say they everyone is a potential customer, but this is fool-hardy. Every company has a core customer. Twenty percent of the population will be generating 80% of your revenue. Before you can plan  marketing tactics you absolutely need to know your core customers. Perhaps a cash advance can pay for the research needed to determine this core.

You may discover that your core is an educated business person who is over 35. This is a very busy individual with home, family and career taking up most of his or her time. How much of your marketing is spent in terms of time to keep up with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and the like? If you are spending more than an hour a week keeping up with social media, you are spending too much time. Your core customer does not have time to Tweet and update Facebook texts. You will need to find alternate ways to reach this sector. With a cash advance you can hire a consultant that will help you plan how to get more core customers.

A merchant cash advance is simple and quick. If you are accepting debit and credit cards you are more than halfway there. A merchant cash advance is based on your debit and credit receipts. You are selling a small percentage of your future sales. This advance does not hit the credit bureau so therefore your credit rating is not the all or nothing factor. You future is the basis for the loan.

You do not have to hunt for your tax returns or financials. You do not have to wait for weeks like you would if you tried for a loan at your bank. Once you are approved the money can be in your account within 72 hours. Your payment is based on your sales each month and is not a high locked-in payment that may put you in a bind.

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