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New Year Means New Financial Goals for Your Business | Merchant Cash Advances Being One of Them

The beginning of the New Year is the ideal time to write down strategies that will help your business grow in the next 365 days. Actually, this can be done in March, May, or any other time but most feel that since January 1st begins a new life cycle it is the right time. If you want to get your business finances in shape you begin your corporate diet. Do not let it resemble your own diet that gets kicked out the door as soon as the Bowl Games come on television. Create your own financial pyramid and name each level that needs to be achieved before the year comes to an end. You may decide you need a merchant cash advance.

Resolution number one is probably paying off some of the old debt that has been hanging around too long. It is weighing heavy on your mind and you need to lighten the load. One sure way is with a merchant cash advance. You can pay off those debts that can have high monthly draws on your financials. You will be replacing them with healthier, easy-to-make lower payments that are set by how much volume you settle each month. A small business loan is too big of a bite out of your revenue plus it is difficult to be approved.

A merchant cash advance is a short-term solution for quick weight loss. You will lose the old debit and have it paid by borrowing against future sales. You are really borrowing your own sales. Rather than forking over one large check each month, the agreed-upon percentage is taken from your account by ACH when it is deposited. The payment is to spread over the entire month is small increments. You are not choked by something you cannot digest.

Qualifying for a merchant cash advance is as simple as taking baby steps. There is no jogging around taking the time to complete page after page of an application. You do not have to submit tax returns or financials. And even if you have lost a percentage point or two on your credit score it makes no difference. Customers with credit scores in the 500s have received quick approval.

If you feel a merchant cash advance should be on the top of your New Year’s business diet plan, call 1-800-210-5649 or click below today!