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2014 August Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Merchant Loans for Small Businesses

When a small or medium sized business needs emergency cash, the proprietor may panic and want the most expeditious means of getting funds, other than resorting to a loan shark. Money problems can be the number one stressor for many business owners. A merchant loan is one means to an end. But it is important to check all the facts about the type of merchant loan one is getting. The traditional small business loan can take weeks if not months to receive. Many times the banks and traditional lenders are not willing to lend money to those who need it […]

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How Merchant Cash Advances are smarter than a Payday Loan

There comes a time in the life of most small business owners when the company has some short-term cash flow problems, needs additional supplies or equipment, or even needs funds to pay existing payroll taxes. It happens. Current customer can be slow in paying their invoices. If customers do not pay the business on time, the business cannot pay its bills in a timely manner. Then there are the months where business is traditionally slow. You know that sales will pick up in 30 or 60 days but what do you use for cash in the meantime? Do you apply […]

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Merchant Funding for Car Mechanic Shop

With the rapid disappearance of traditional middle class America, more and more consumers are opting to keep their older model cars for a longer period of time. This makes good economic sense. The vehicle has been paid off and repairs cost much less than purchasing another car. Maybe you have seen an increase in business but you could be doing more if you had another bay for another qualified mechanic. Have you ever considered merchant funding for your car mechanic shop? These same customers who are coming into your shop for repairs rare pay the bill by cash or check. […]

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Why a Business Cash Advance is Smart with First American Merchant

Small and medium sized businesses and business owners can often feel overwhelmed when cash flow ebbs. There are so many times when extra cash can be needed. Perhaps customers are slow in paying. Without paid invoices the company cannot pay its bills. Then again a business can be seasonal. Just about everyone understands that a traditional retailer generates more than 19.3% of their total annual sales in December alone. Even with January and February sales, revenue can be dismal. Many of these trials and tribulations could be solved with a Business Cash Advance from First American Merchant. Those who are […]

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High Risk Credit Card Processing with First American Merchant

Are you starting your first e-Commerce company and have you begun your search for a credit card processor? Were you surprised that you are considered a high risk account even though you have stellar credit? We you turned down by your bank and conservative credit card processors? Are you wondering if your business is ever going to get off the ground? There are so many questions and very few answers – until you discovered high risk credit card processing with First American Merchant. Many high risk merchants take the moniker as a personal affront. Just because you sell a high […]

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Get a Merchant Loan, Regardless of Bad Credit

Are you at a loss to know what step to take next for your business? Have you heard about merchant loans, but are unsure what the requirements are? What if bad credit is involved, will that be an issue? Merchant cash advances are increasingly becoming a popular form of financing, especially for small businesses. Fortunately, these types of loans differ from other small business loans, allowing those with bad credit to receive help as well. One of the benefits of a merchant cash advance is that they have a high approval rating. A merchant cash advance is approved based on […]

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Instant Approval Merchant Account from First American Merchant

Being a high risk business owner isn’t the easiest job when it comes to getting a merchant account. Accumulating rejections from credit card processing companies may be more frequent than you would want, while those who approve will take an immense amount of time. If you have been through such instances, you must be dreading the idea of having to go through it again. At First American Merchant, we dedicated to ensuring you don’t have to go through any such hassle. Having helped thousands of high risk business owners get access to just the merchant accounts they wanted, we boast […]

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What Is High Risk ACH Processing?

Also known as e-check processing, ach processing is a term used to refer to processing of electronic checks. The traditional paper check processing involves various steps, which is not just time consuming, but also cost more. And after all that, if there is a failure, you will not get to know for another 10 days. Compare this to a method where the entire process is a matter of few minutes, where all it takes is a few clicks and your transactions are completed. Such is the stark improvement that ach processing brings to you. First American Merchant has taken check […]

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Getting Your Small Business Ready For Back-To-School With a Small Business Cash Advance

The success of marketing campaigns lies in going with the flow. The overall strategy need not change, but every once in a while a cyclical demand emerges, catching which is what any small business should be aiming towards. With back-to-school season just around the corner, your small business’ marketing campaign should not hesitate in riding the bandwagon. It is that time of the year where the school-going population and their parents run around in a purchasing-frenzy. From the very basic pencils and erasers, to school bags, there are a variety of products that see their demand go through the roof […]

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High Risk Business Loans for Boutique Shop

In the eyes of banks, all retail businesses are red-flagged as ‘high-risk’ businesses. The reluctance to allow loans soon follows. Why? Cash intensiveness. Yes, it is this nature of transactions that makes it so hard for you to get a loan application approved. This poses a great dilemma for retail and other small businesses, when they are in need of a fund-injection. What you need here is an alternative route, and at First American, that is exactly what you get. Being different from traditional banks, our offering is different as well. We don’t offer you loans, nor put you through […]

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