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What Is High Risk ACH Processing?

Also known as e-check processing, ach processing is a term used to refer to processing of electronic checks. The traditional paper check processing involves various steps, which is not just time consuming, but also cost more. And after all that, if there is a failure, you will not get to know for another 10 days. Compare this to a method where the entire process is a matter of few minutes, where all it takes is a few clicks and your transactions are completed. Such is the stark improvement that ach processing brings to you.

First American Merchant has taken check processing to new heights, allowing you a variety of different ways of accepting electronic payments. Be it over the phone or the internet, our high risk ach processing services ensure that processing transactions is not time consuming anymore. There are four primary ways you can use our ach processing services – sign a PDF document and get it back via fax, use a software to get an electronic PDF signature, use our voice recording services, or use our secure website.

Through our high risk ach processing your business receives payment notifications without any delay whatsoever. If there is any failure, you will know there and then. Processing of large volumes of transactions is made by easy by processing batch after batch. All you need to do is integrate a check reader and deposit checks directly to your bank account. This translates into higher competitiveness and lower costs.  According to a survey, average cost of processing a paper check is around $1.22, while that of ach processing is a mere $0.55.

It is time you leave the conventional way of accepting paper checks and spending considerable time running to the bank and processing them. It doesn’t matter if you have credit card processing services or not, you are still viable for our high risk ach processing services. All you need here is consumer check information and you have all you need to turn it into an electronic transaction.

In an economy fueled by a constant need to be more and more competitive, our high risk ach processing services go a long way in allowing businesses to save time, money and effort. Gone are the days when your checks used to bounce. With our high risk ach processing, you can complete the entire process in a few minutes and get your items ready for shipment as soon as you receive authorization.

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