FAM StarAre you starting your first e-Commerce company and have you begun your search for a credit card processor? Were you surprised that you are considered a high risk account even though you have stellar credit? We you turned down by your bank and conservative credit card processors? Are you wondering if your business is ever going to get off the ground? There are so many questions and very few answers – until you discovered high risk credit card processing with First American Merchant.

Many high risk merchants take the moniker as a personal affront. Just because you sell a high risk product or service does not make you an individual who does not deserve the same features and benefits that someone considered low risk can obtain. Today’s economic culture has changed and one of the largest changes is in the banking and finance industry. There are people stealing others’ identities, opening bogus credit cards and charging millions of dollars in goods and services.

The losers are the merchants who sold the goods because all of these purchases will be charged back. The banks are also losers because they have promised their card holders that they would not be held responsible for fraudulent purchases. The highest risk there is in the credit card industry occurs when a customer makes a purchase and is not in a position to swipe an actual card – like an Internet purchase. Charge backs are the bane of the credit card industry. If your sales result in fewer than a 3% chargeback ratio, you can secure discovered high risk credit card processing with First American Merchant.

There are other factors which may make you a high risk merchant. Certainly a bad credit rating doesn’t help. If your company provides dating services, credit repair, online vitamins and supplements and travel services, you will be considered a high risk merchant account. You have every right to accept credit and debit cards. Without this ability, your business will fail.

High risk credit card processing with First American Merchant can give you superb service and a host of benefits. There are programs and services that help with the chargeback issues. Rates are extremely competitive. If you or your company gone through or is going through bankruptcy there are programs which allow you to continue processing. Perhaps you will go on an ACH delay. Rather than having the funds deposited into your checking account the next business day, it is delayed a day or two to ensure it had been accepted.

Another strategy is to build a small reserve – just in case. A high risk expert can explain all the various plans to you and the benefit of each one. He or she will also review the prices others have proposed and show you the cost savings. There is hope for your high risk credit card processing with First American Merchant.

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