Instant-Approval-Merchant-Account-no-Credit-Check-on-WebBeing a high risk business owner isn’t the easiest job when it comes to getting a merchant account. Accumulating rejections from credit card processing companies may be more frequent than you would want, while those who approve will take an immense amount of time. If you have been through such instances, you must be dreading the idea of having to go through it again. At First American Merchant, we dedicated to ensuring you don’t have to go through any such hassle.

Having helped thousands of high risk business owners get access to just the merchant accounts they wanted, we boast an impressive portfolio. Regardless of the business you have, be it medical marijuana or debt consolidation, we are just the place you should be. We have even helped bad credit businesses, making us the perfect choice for an instant merchant account.

We believe that different businesses have different requirements. No one business should have to do with a generic merchant account, which doesn’t exactly meet its needs. We don’t believe in compromise, and will make sure you aren’t settling for anything less than what you deserve. With us, you get a merchant account that mirrors you specific business needs. But that’s not even the best part. Our process is as simple as they come. All you do is fill in a simple form and let do us do our bit. When we say ‘instant,’ we mean instant. You can start processing credit cards in as soon as 24 hours of your application. Yes, 24 hours. That fast. Just when you want, just what you want.

We have in our portfolio providers who specialize in high risk businesses, offering you specialized plans. If you have any qualms or possible enquires about merchant accounts or us, we highly encourage you to contact us and let us further your knowledge. You can either drop us a mail and let us get back to you on the matter or just simply ring us. We will brief on you on the exact type of accounts your business can enjoy, while also enlightening you with all the different aspects of doing business with us. We are always at your service and aim to ensure your questions are adequately answered.

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